MGS4 Trophy Patch Goes Live In Japan On Monday

The Kojima Productions Twitter account has announced that the rather belated trophy patch for Metal Gear Solid 4 will go live on Monday.

The patch will install 34 trophies and will also allow the whole game to be installed in one go, rather than at the end of each chapter.


The Tweet appears to aimed at Japanese gamers, no news as yet as to when we can get some virtual silverware in Europe.

Source: Twitter



  1. I can almost taste the platinum…

    • In the words of Jules (sort of); would you like some of my tasty beverage to wash that down?

  2. So wait if I trade in Mgs vita collection & get mgs4 will the patch still work on the game?

    Dumb question I know

  3. Well I won’t be installing it in one go, I’ll be taking up smoking for twenty minutes between each chapter! Whose with me?

  4. Only an hour into MGS4 so waiting for this patch to come to EU so I can start it again and play through it all :)

  5. Time to start playing MGS4.

  6. I’ve played through MGS4 7 times…may as well make it 8 if the Trophies come Euro side!

  7. Can’t imagine it’s gonna take too long for this to come out over here.

    Mind you, I said the same about Disgaea 3 :(

  8. Looking forward to another playthrough & hearing that ping, plus MGS(4) rocks.

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