Bayonetta Sequel Could Go Portable

Hideki Kamiya, director of 2009’s frankly insane witch-em-up Bayonetta, has spoken to Famitsu Weekly about a possible sequel. Hopefully fans will find a ray of hope after the news that a full-fledged console follow up was shelved by Platinum Games earlier this year.

Kamiya stresses that this is very much in the ideas over beers stage at the moment but that he’d like to bring a Bayonetta sequel to a portable console and include real time strategy elements where an army of witches fights an army of Lumen Sages. He also mentions the possibility of a cameo from Devil May Cry’s Danté who would attack both sides. Kamiya designed Devil May Cry for Capcom so a crossover isn’t so far fetched.


So what do you think, would a Bayonetta appearance on 3DS or Vita be something you’re keen to see?

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  1. I would sex this on the Vita.

  2. “would a Bayonetta appearance on 3DS or Vita be something you’re keen to see?”

    Not really no. As i am not an owner of either of those platforms, it would annoy me very much as it goes.

    If they want to release a handheld version as well as a console version i would be perfectly happy with that, but i would rather not have a version only appear on a platform that i am unable to play it on thanks.

    Oh & get rid of that RTS idea right now – Sounds bloody awful & not fitting with the fast paced nature of the game at all.

    • Wow you are Mr Grumpy these days

      • Not really – I enjoyed Bayonetta & i would like to play a sequel, but i don’t own a Vita or 3DS.

        …& to be fair, anytime RTS is mentioned i get a bit edgy. :)

        See my second ‘paragraph’ for a little bit of light through the dark! :D

  3. RTS game based on Bayonetta with a Dante cameo? I’ll pass.
    I’d prefer a Bayonetta 1 kind of Bayonetta 2.

  4. I would like a Bayonetta that works on PS3.

  5. So if bayonetta comes on the vita it would play more like fruit ninja just swipe the screen back & fourth to kill as many enemies as u can in a combo

  6. I hope it’s not just a portable only as i would buy the sequel if it was on consoles. The first game was excellent. A Bayonetta RTS would be an awful idea due to the very fast nature of Bayonetta and having Dante attack both sides would break the game as he is very overpowered. And i think he tends to hold back in his fights so that they last longer as well as him having some fun as well.

    However, having Dante do a small cameo would be nice as i think Bayonetta takes place in the same universe as DMC1-4.

  7. By what they say about RTS, it sounds like they want to add Dynasty Warriors elements to it so in keeping as an action 3rd person game but with field movements. It could work, but it would just be a reskinned Dynasty Warriors.

    Personally I don’t like the idea and would like a normal sequel on console.

    • Really? I didn’t get that from what was said at all (although it could well be!) – What i took it as was a similar sort of thing to what appeared in AC Revelations.

      It was unnecessary in that game too.

  8. I wasn’t a fan of Bayonetta, and I’m also not a fan of a franchise moving from one console to another.

    If they do bring out a sequel, it should be for BOTH home &portable, not just portable consoles.

    Mind you, that’s just my opinion. I probably won’t be buying it either way.

  9. Wow so much negativity. Where does it all come from? It would be a lovely game i bet if Kamiya and PG are making it.

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