Join the TSA Battlefield 3 Server and Win DLC

Battlefield 3 has always been popular on TSA with regular meets  still hosted by the community. With so many of the community playing the game, we thought it’d be great fun  to rent our very own TSA server to host meets, tournaments and general fun all in the same place.

The server will be public and open for anybody to use during the day with a VIP list of TSA members so that you guys get priority over the space in there. When we have our weekly meets the server will then be in control of the host of the meet who can change the settings and password protect the server if necessary. Initially the server will be on a trial basis of one month, if enough people aren’t using it then we wont be able to justify keeping it going. The server name is “ Official Server”.

You can find the TSA Platoon on Battlelog over here, where often you’ll find info on when other TSA members are playing, and the official TSA Server forum thread over here where you can add your name to the VIP list and see the schedule of events on the server as well as make any requests. Adding yourself to the VIP list will give you priority when trying to get on the server so make sure you put your name down if you think you’re going to want to use the server.

We also (thanks to @EA_ActionMan who you should follow on Twitter for awesome competitions) have two DLC codes to give away for Close Quarters (PS3). To be in with a chance of winning one of these codes make sure you drop a “Hooah!” into a comment in the comments section.

Only one entry is allowed per person. We’ll pick two winners at random on Wednesday 8th and contact them via the email address attached to their TSA account. Our decisions are final and the usual terms and conditions apply.

See you on The Battlefield!

Thanks to CarBoyCam for the image.



  1. Great stuff! Glad they’ll be an official TheSixthAxis server open 24/7 be even better if we can keep it going month after month and…

  2. Finally a server I look foward to play on!

    Oh, and Hooah!

  3. Bought BF3 at launch, but i’m only starting to appreciate, what a great game it is.
    I’m positive the server will be a success, thx for setting up it guys.
    (Live by the controller, die by the controller… Hooah!)

  4. Hooah! I’m gonna have to get Battlefield 3 now, had been holding off after hearing about servers closing etc., loved BFBC2, the sound of a TSA server is exciting.

  5. Been looking for an excuse to get back into BF3, see you all there.


  6. A TSA Server? Sweet. Been trying to find games on BF3 that only last a few hours and not days. You’ll definitely see me in there.


  7. I am surprised by the response to this, i cant believe how many people are actually out there that were interested in this. Good call by AG on setting this up then

  8. Is anyone else having trouble finding the server?

    • Ignore me… found it, played and one BOOM TIME! (last place on the winning team is still a win ;-)

  9. Hooah! Let’s go!

  10. Nice! Will make sure I appear on there when I get the chance, damn full time work! :)

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