Konami European HQ Relocating To UK

Konami has announced that it will be moving its European headquarters to the UK, as part of the company restructure. The current headquarters in Germany, operating under the name Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH, will merge with Konami Digital Entertainment BV and will operate under the BV name.

Konami’s Digital Entertainment GmbH President Shinji Hirano spoke to MCV about the changes:


“These are changes to match a very exciting and challenging time for video game publishers. We want to show our commitment to the consumers in each territory by establishing close relationships that deliver what they particularly want and need, and to create rapport between us that benefits both sides.”

The move will take place at the beginning of Konami’s financial year, April 2013. Regional offices in Germany, France, Spain and the UK will continue to operate as they do now.

Source: MCV



  1. Lovely news. That’s a handful of top-level investments in the UK over the last few months. The timing being very obvious with the tax breaks for the industry, surely.

  2. taking on staff perhaps?

  3. Exciting this is nice from Konami and for the UK, however ah hem SOTN in UK? what’s the fuss around this so hopefully this means a HD remake of SOTN since for some reason SOTN isn’t allowed in the UK or EU likely…or maybe MS has exclusive rights. tch

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