Reminder: TSA Now Has Its Own Battlefield 3 Server

Just a quick reminder: TheSixthAxis now has its own Battlefield 3 server and full details can be found here on how to join it. If you’re looking to play online with a great group of like-minded, fair people, this might be just for you.


The server name (it’s PS3 only) is “ Official Server”.

You can find the TSA Platoon on Battlelog over here, where often you’ll find info on when other TSA members are playing, and the official TSA Server forum thread over here where you can add your name to the VIP list and see the schedule of events on the server as well as make any requests.

Adding yourself to the VIP list will give you priority when trying to get on the server so make sure you put your name down if you think you’re going to want to use the server.

We’re also offering up some DLC prizes – check here for details.



  1. Hey, that’s my video! :D

    Certainly not filled with glorious moments of skill. Just head to 1:45 for an epic moment of me being monumentally rubbish. Still, good fun, eh?

    • Of all the guns he could have had it would have been the shotgun wouldnt it xD

      • I was clicking R3, trying to stab him… *facepalm*

      • Poor Teflon, getting shot like that.
        You probably wouldn’t of been able to knife him like that anyway, it usually has to be done from behind.

  2. Great stuff and i’ve been enjoying the use of the server. Also glad that the video does not contain footage of me falling off things. All in all, this is a great service from you guys and I hope to see more TSAers on it soon

  3. If I was home I would certainly join the server. I’ve never been able to participate in any TSA events, so it would have been cool to play with some members : /

    • I would love to but I’m on 360 so can never join any meets. : (

  4. I might have to dust off this game and join some time. Have they fixed the input lag yet?

    • Considering i have never found this an issue myself, i am going to guess at… no?

      I am iof course not insinuating that this isn’t an issue for you, but i would presume that if it wasn’t fixed in the last patch, then it will be pretty much the same for you now.

  5. Just wanted to take a quick moment to say thanks for this – It wasn’t expected, but it is certainly appreciated.

    I know these things don’t come cheap & through all the excitement of getting into the clan, & asking to be put on the VIP list, i don’t think anyone has actually taken the time to thank you guys for this offer & the effort you have all put in so far.

    so, thank you. :)

  6. Shame it’s not a 360 server : /

  7. If only the flucking game didn’t have massive patches otherwise i would buy it and terrorise the lot of you by narrating everything on the server. ;) I think Yoggers will explode when he sees that everyone’s favorite bearded toeshoe addict tends to use a shotgun as he wasn’t fond of them in the UC2 meets. ;)

    • It’s really not that bad mate – It of course has patches, but i think that my install file isn’t any larger than 5GB at the moment (& i am a HDD space prude!).

      In fact, i believe apart from the install, you should only have the latest patch, maybe 2 to do?

      I would say it’s worth it.

    • I refuse to wait for a GB+ patch to download. In fact, any patch that is a GB+ should be banned as it’s too big and is even bigger then some games! :O That and i don’t see myself playing it that often due to the state of the servers beside the weekly TSA meets. Don’t fancy being banned for using weapon A or vehicle B. Which is a shame as i enjoyed the Beta(when it decided to work). Although if it’s just 2 small patches(500 or less) then i may get it.

      • Ah, just download the patch while you cook/eat dinner or while doing something else.

        The servers are starting to even out now, there still all mostly rented servers, but there’s a lot more reasonable people running the servers now, using the standard rules, and not booting anyone. I’ve only been booted once, I don’t know why, but once out of all the time I spend on that game isn’t that bad (less times than I get booted off Halo).

        Disclaimer: All these opinions are from playing it on 360, I have no idea if the PS3 users are still being dicks, or not, nor do I know how long it will take the patch(s) to download on PS3.

      • We’ve been playing on rented servers for a while now (rented by a friend & i am an admin), but if they become empty or whatever, i just hop into an official one (as they do still exist!).

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