New Version Of Uncharted 3 Brings Tournament System

Naughty Dog have just released details on Uncharted 3’s latest patch – 1.13, which is released today. The patch covers a slew of multiplayer DLC that’ll start appearing in the Store updates from next week, so get ready to spend some of that PSN wallet…


The DLC can be earned in the game through a bit of grinding, or it can be bought outright from the Store to unlock immediately. 137 pieces of DLC will be added.

The other bit of the patch is a new Tournament System, which requires buy-in for each event with tickets. You’ll always, according to the notes, carry a balance of ten tickets per tournament period, but more can be purchased via PSN in packs.

Sounds like dreaded micro-transactions, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

“A tournament leaderboard will be added to the leaderboards section so you can track your skill level among your friends,” says the press release, which then, quite unbelievably, requires you to head off and visit IGN for the full low-down.

A tournament system is all well and good, but this reliance on spending real cash is potentially going to go down rather badly if not addressed properly.

The patch also brings about a rack of new trophies.



  1. Brilliant. Been waiting to get back into the UC3 multiplayer. Will have to start trophy-huntin’ soon.

    • Oh and ‘dem taunts. Woo.

  2. Micro transactions – because spending £40 on a game plus another chunk of cash on the season pass wasn’t enough…. :-|

    • Blatently lining it up to ‘do a killzone 3’ and release the MP as a stand alone on the PSN.

    • Seriously, if I didn’t know any better I’d assume that they’re going the Free 2 Play…

  3. Thumbs up for supporting a good game, but a giant middle finger for the “buy tickets for tournament” feature. Milk it some more, Sam!

    Suggestion for patch 1.14, remove this silly ticket buying stuff, don’t insult my intelligence.

  4. YES. Severely disadvantage gamers with no disposable-income to spend on tournament tickets!

  5. Totally disgraceful, ND have really annoyed me with this. The more this micro transaction bollocks happens, the less I play games.

    • Yeah, wankers.

      The online for my copy of UC3 was broken from the start so this doesn’t matter personally, I still disagree on principle.

  6. Glad i traded that in then after enjoying the single player. Dipped into the multi-player but it wasn’t for me. MP is really getting silly at the moment, why cant we go back to the days of offering a couple of decent game modes and letting people just jump on a play online.

  7. going to wait for the GOTY edition next month.

  8. so now the clothes and all that add to your stats? Not sure i like that…

  9. Micro-transactions doesn’t sound bad at all. You free tickets anyway. Not a big fan of clothing items giving me stats increase, as I wanna pick something that I like the look of not a mix mash of random clothes.

  10. the ability to earn the dlc with some grinding in game sounds like a good idea, but limiting how many times you can play?
    that may work for free to play games, but on a 40 quid title it kind seems like a bit of a piss take.

    • Not really people can still play all the content they paid £40 for. This is just something a little extra for people.

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