New Papo & Yo Trailer Is Very Weird

I don’t really know what to say. I’ve just watched this new trailer for Papo & Yo, which launches exclusively on the PlayStation Network next week. I thought this game was a quirky puzzler but this trailer makes it seem like a curious mix of an NSPCC campaign, Lord of the Flies and that favela level from Modern Warfare 2.

Oh, just give it a watch and prepare to be baffled.



  1. That is without a doubt one of the weirdest things I’ve ever watched

  2. Ha! That was terrible.

  3. Wow, erm… Thats pretty mental! I’m Intruiged though! There is a definite hint of Favella in there! Reminded me slightly of Shadowman too with the voodoo paint

  4. Bucket of soapy frogs, not bag.

    • no, they’re mad because they’re in a bag and it’s scratchy.

  5. Also: Dilf :)

  6. That kid clearly has some father issues. Speaking as a dad myself I would be mad as hell too if my kid (obviously adopted or a step-son) had smashed my favourite ornament! And my wife will go bonkers when she finds out he’s been at her make-up box again. Perhaps he’s a troubled child placed with the worst foster family ever?

    I watched it twice and I’m still none the wiser.

  7. That was quite weird but yet found it kind of moving. Is this a game tackling mature themes that we have been shouting for, for the past week or so. To me it looks like its tackling the issue of abusive parents and the child trying to escape his situation. Maybe im looking into it abit much, might just be the dad is some monster and the kid is trying to save the world.

    Also did the boy turn into a girl when he went through the portal first time?! This is so weird…

    Sorry for rambling. :)

    • I think the story is about this boys( the game director) difficult relationship with his dad when he was young. And this is his way of telling his story.

      • Correct. The boy’s relationship with the monster is inspired by Vander Caballero’s (the creative director) memories of growing up with an alcoholic father who could be calm and loving one moment and a raging monster the next.

        What isn’t made clear in the trailer is that the firey beast in the game world is usually your friend but is addicted to the poisonous frogs and when it succumbs to this addiction it becomes the aforementioned “raging monster” just like his father.

        Watch it again with that in mind and I think it’s quite poignant.

  8. A four-minute plus advert for a PSN game? Wow, that’s some budget.

    I too thought it kinda moving. I hope the game actually answers some of these questions and isn’t just there as an emotive hook to drag you in (looking at you, Dead Island’s ad campaign).

  9. I actually really enjoyed that. I think you need to know the backstory to appreciate it. I didn’t realise it coming so soon though. There’s a right good cluster of games all coming at once that I want.

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