Activision’s Pitfall! Launches Today

Remember when everyone thought Activision’s new UK studio was working on Call of Duty for mobile devices? Well, they weren’t, they were working on an update to Pitfall! which, according to a press release we’ve just taken delivery of, is out today.


Yep, 30 years after the original Atari 2600 version, Pitfall! is back, inspired by the 1982 classic. Activision tell us this new remix features “thrilling new environments” and “twists on classic Pitfall! gameplay” so it doesn’t sound like it’s the same old game entirely.

The Blast Furnace, Activision’s new studio, is headed by former Rockstar London boss Mark Washbrook, and Rockstar Leeds’ Gordon Hall is also involved.

“This new incarnation delivers a best-in-class experience of the game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch,” says Hall. “The team has kept the elements that made the original so much fun to play, and merged them with a cool, retro HD art style, updated controls and play mechanics to keep both old-school fans and newcomers happy.”

Pitfall! is available via the App Store.



  1. Disappointingly, it looks like it’s another of those into the screen ‘free-runner’ type games, like Temple Run.

  2. It does look like Temple run, but the cel-shaded graphics do look pretty…hmmmm…

  3. I guess I’ll fire up my old 2600 to play Pitfall!, instead of bothering to play this one. Seems they used the original’s name to promote a game that seems just like any other free runner game, even if the visuals are well polished.

  4. lol.. Temple Run eh. While it may look nice I’m afraid that its likely going to be play once and never ever play again experience for me.

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