Ghost Recon Online Transitions To Open Beta

Announced last May, Ubisoft’s IP-enhanced foray into the realm of free-to-play firefights is now available to all.

Those with a Uplay account (which is also used for console titles such as R.U.S.E and Assassin’s Creed) can immediately log-in and start downloading the online shooter.


Existing GR operatives and newcomers alike will trigger the game’s first “player mission” upon logging in. Dubbed “Eagle Eye” the challenge tasks players with maintaining an accuracy rating of at least 15% across five consecutive matches. Those who triumph will be rewarded with an in-game armour “insert”.

We sampled Ghost Recon Online back in April, praising the F2P title for its solid gameplay and character progression system. You can check out our full hands-on right here.



  1. Awesome, will have to give this a go, especially given what a laggy, broken clusterfudge Future Soldier’s online component is.

  2. I really enjoyed playing this when the closed beta just started but my mouse broke since then and haven’t the chance to play it again, i’ll have to buy a new mouse and get back on there :) I feel it would be a great game for PC TSA Meets too

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