PlayStation Video Store Starts Instantly Streaming

The PSN Store’s video side was full of promise when it launched. Unfortunately, some really dreadful download times, high cost and the arrival of services like Netflix meant that I haven’t looked at the Video Store in months.

I suppose there must be PlayStation 3 owners who love it but I don’t know any.


Well, it seems that Sony is ready to give it a little nudge in the right direction. The EU Blog has just announced that the PSN Video Store will now allow instant streaming of content as soon as you purchase. The streaming works in SD or HD and says it solves the problem of “hanging around watching loading bars” – which would be a nice philosophy for the rest of Sony to take into their patching and update systems for the next generation!

This might encourage me to take a little look back in the PSN Video Store, see what there is to offer and perhaps give it another chance. What about you?

Source: PS EU Blog



  1. A tempting alternative I may take a look at, but until the end of the year we’re with Virgin and Tivo….which is “ok”.
    My problem with Netflix and Lovefilm is the catalog being so damn small! Hopefully Sony will (as mentioned) will offer their full catalog as that is quite a substantial collection of quality films.

  2. “The wait is literally over – Instant Play has arrived! ”

    Nah the wait continues for the many countries, which still doesn’t have it.

  3. that’s nice and all, but making the prices more competitive would be the more important factor for me to buy on the store.

    i mean, on the store it would cost me 28 quid to get the four Alien films in sd, only the original has hd and that’s only rental.
    i got the bluray boxset for a tenner.
    it was on sale but i could still pick it up for 15 quid, and that includes all the extra features.;0;-1;-1;-1&sku=503332

    sort out the prices or get some decent sales going, then we’ll talk.

    • actually, a slight correction, i just noticed, they don’t have all four films, they have Alien, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection and Alien: the director’s cut.
      they haven’t got Aliens.

      • That’s nothing short of criminal.

  4. Welcome to 2008 PSN

  5. How come Ireland still does not have this video store?

    Though from the comments above i dont think i would use it but it be nice if Sony included us.

  6. “Hanging around watching loading bars”? Quite frankly, here in NA I can watch an HD movie almost in real time. If anything, I play a game until 10-15% are done with and I start playing the movie WHILE it downloads without a hiccup. Of course, download size is still an issue if the ISP limits your monthly transfers, but if you want to watch it again, the file is already there, while streaming requires to transfer the file again. Not great news, I suppose.

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