Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD PS3 News Coming Monday

That’s the first screenshot from the PlayStation 3 version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, details of which are expected to be revealed on Monday, including – hopefully – the release date.


The Xbox 360 version of the game was pretty good, and we’re expecting it to get much better with the release of the first batch of DLC – which includes levels (and tricks) from Pro Skater 3.

Our full review of the game is here.

Source: Twitter.



  1. Might be bit of a long shot but if it was announced to be free on PS+ that would be nice. save money, yay…

  2. I’m still not sure about spending money on this just yet. I really love the iOS port and that’s brought back good memories, so maybe I’ll treat myself to this nearer Christmas. Right now SSX is still satisfying my nostalgia/trick-em-um craving.

    • On some levels the iOS version is better, apart from the total music replacement. Some of the key levels are missing in this version.

  3. News of impending news. Just release it already. Wanna get my noseblunt on!!

    • Well these there’s someting to look forward to :)

  4. Ooh is this an announcement of an announcement? They’re the *BEST* kind of announcement.

  5. i’ll buy it as soon as they release it.

    Can someone make a press release to Sony/Activision/Tony on my behalf?

  6. Wow what a screen shot! wonder if the announcement is a free tony action figure with movable eyes!

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