Why I’m Not Taking My PS Vita On Holiday

I use my PlayStation Vita every day and the majority of the time it acts as an MP3 player to keep me entertained with podcasts and music. My daily commute usually involves firing up Super Stardust Delta then switching over to the music player and listening to a podcast whilst I game.

Due to the limited space on the memory card I only keep twenty or so MP3s on my device, usually the latest podcasts from Radio One and Five Live, the TSA podcast, a couple of random tunes and half finished versions of tunes and mixes I am working on so I can listen to them and decide what needs changing even though I’m not in my studio.

This Sunday I’m jetting off for my two weeks holiday and to complicate matters further I have recently moved, which means I have no internet access until Virgin install my new broadband connection.

As I knew I would have no internet connection before I moved I fired up iTunes and downloaded a plethora of podcasts, tunes and audio books and spent a good few hours carefully selecting the perfect playlist for the 22 hour flight to Hawaii.

The move went well and I have spent most of this week unpacking and arranging my life. Last night I finally got round to setting up my computer and thankfully it had survived the journey and sprang merrily to life.

I connected up my Vita, wiped a couple of demos off the memory card to clear some space for my holiday playlist, fired up Content Manager and…

[drop2]“You must be connected to the internet to use Content Manager”

Obviously that cannot be true, I must have misread the message so I try again.

“You must be connected to the internet to use Content Manager”

I will not describe what happened next but it did involve questioning the parentage of Sony and the use of colourful and fruity language.

You cannot use Content Manager for PlayStation Vita unless you have an internet connection.

That means I cannot transfer my holiday playlist to my Vita and for the next month I am stuck with the same couple of podcasts and a smattering of half finished demos.

This is utterly, utterly ridiculous.

There is not a single reason why Content Manager needs to talk to the internet when all I want to do is transfer a rare remix of ‘Ooh Ahh Just A Little Bit’ by Gina G to my console.

Why on earth does Content Manager need to talk to the internet? Surely not to check for a software update, all the other Vita apps work without being online. Frankly it’s rather worrying, are Sony gathering data on what I transfer to my Vita?

I do love my little PlayStation but I use it for music more than games and this stupid requirement has left me with a multimedia brick for the next month. There is no way on hell I am sitting on an aircraft for 22 hours without music – so there is only one thing to do.

I’m going to go and buy another iPod and do you know what Sony? It will transfer all my music to the device without being connected to the internet. The Vita will be left at home and the money I was going spend on Vita games for my holiday will be spent on iTunes instead.

Do you know what will happen when I come back from holiday, Sony? I’ll keep the iPod in my pocket as it’s smaller and my Vita will be left at home. I won’t be using it every day and I sure as hell will be buying fewer games for it.

I suspect the Vita is going to sit on a shelf at home and gather dust. To be honest it’s somewhat of a surprise it still exists, I could have thrown the damn thing against a wall I was so annoyed last night.

Epic fail Sony, epic fail.



  1. First and foremost, I think it’s as stupid as you. For music that is. For games I would understand the need to check activation. You gonna buy fewer games for it? That is you missing out. Can’t see that logic.

    • Perhaps I didnt explain that properly – it wont be a concious decision to buy less games, but if Im no longer carry my Vita, im will be less inclined to buy games for it.

  2. It’s for piracy. The PSP was terrorised by piracy and it was he reason software just didn’t sell towards the end of the life cycle. It’s the same reason you can;t explore the Vita’s memory in Windows. To stop piracy. It’s an annoyance, yeah, but you can see why they did it.

    Also, way to overreact.

  3. I remember hearing about this yonks ago. I think you can download an unofficial patch that makes the software think it’s calling home when actually it isn’t.

  4. You do sound a little bit liked a smacked arse. Don’t get me wrong its a bitch but EPIC FAIL SONY? Slight OTT in my opnion

    Its a very flawed system, and I’d be a bit annoyed to, but ah well these things happen. Does it really need a published article?

    I find myself visiting here less and less as it seems TSA has gone from a genuine news site, to the gaming version of the Daily Mail.

    • It’s an opinion: that’s what we do.
      It gets a bit of discussion going, even if it’s only with people who only ever comment to say something negative. That’s the purpose of publishing things like this – to interact with our community. The point is, even if you don’t agree – or if you don’t like how it’s presented – you react and feedback and we all get to engage in a bit of a chat about a subject we like.

      • It sounds more like someone moaning then something to get debate going, what is the debate?

        Thats its a poor design flaw? I don’t think anyone will debate that. As it quite clearly is, so one pointless article.

      • Also can I suggest an edit button? I can make some spelling/ grammar mistakes, and not being able to edit them is a pain.

      • I’d disagree it’s a design flaw. More than likely, it’s a ‘feature’ designed to help the fight on piracy. If it’s helping in that respect, I’m all for it.

      • And DixNeuf proves that there’s room for discussion by offering a valid bit of reasoning and a counter point to something in the blog. See?

        We don’t mind you disagreeing, but it’s all done for the good of some healthy discussion about a subject. Who really cares if Tuffcub won’t have his dodgy, camp disco tunes on the flight (except for everyone on that flight…)? Probably very few of us (we’re all just too jealous that he’s going BACK to Hawaii) but he felt an emotion about something and he stated it – now we see if other people have opinions and how they state them. I find that interesting and I think that, generally, so do a lot of other people who visit.

      • I for one completely agree with you on pretty much everything you typed and it’s one of the reasons I won’t be buying a Vita. First Sony console or handheld I won’t have owned.

        To force a mobile device to be connected for transferring of media is stupid and badly thought out. To force use of their own proprietary over priced memory cards is equally so. Sony however aren’t exactly renowned for being flexible and understanding when it comes to over elaborate DRM solutions so it’s partly your own fault for buying one for playing media other than games :p

      • Dodgy camp disco tunes???!!?

      • “I find that interesting and I think that, generally, so do a lot of other people who visit.”
        Oh come on, don’t you hate people in the first place?

    • I have a Multimedia device that I cant transfer multimedia to.. Bit of a fail if you ask me.

    • EPIC FAIL that’s gonna be an issue for about 5 people ever.

      Although saying that. 5 people is probably about 10% of Vita owners. :-p

  5. That’s a really strange design flaw… :-/

  6. Really stupid to let their security gubbins get slap bang in the way of user experience. I can kind of see why they do it but then, I can also see why it would be so annoying and turn people off from using the system.

    Don’t limit your games though, that’s cutting off your nose to spite your face!

  7. Tether your Vita to your phone?

    • On a plane?

      • He’s not on a plane while he tries to transfer the files;)

  8. So how is this news ????

    Yes its crap that an internet connection is needed but I really couldnt care less if you intend to buy an ipod or not and leave your vita gathering dust.

    First world problems

    • This is news really, my internet is due to be cut off for a few days so its better to know i wont be able to change anything on my Vita until its sorted. Plus its gave me a heads up now so i can delete the crap and put some fresh stuff on.

    • Its not news, its an opinon – and as you can see below, already saved somene else from having the same problem.

  9. I honestly don’t get how people say the vita needs games, have you played all the games out there no, they not your type of games well why not try them you would be surprised how you would enjoy them.

    Personally I have my iPhone for music, blackberry for BBM & the vita for games, I play the vita more than I do my ps3 & I have games for it so it puzzles me when people say no games for vita.

    I understand u frastruated with the music on the vita but Sony didn’t design it from a music perspective, it’s a gaming console with bonus features & seems people moan more about those bonus features like a rich spoilt kid who has everything but wants more!

  10. I can understand that they might want to verify games and such, but perhaps they should – at the very least – consider removing the internet requirement for transferring other types of media such as music and videos.

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