Worldwide PS Vita Sales Hit Just 2.2 Million

Combined worldwide sales of the PlayStation Vita have reached just 2.2 million, Sony has confirmed. The total is of June 30th.

The figure, when combined with previous totals, shows that the portable has sold just 400,000 in the last quarter. Even more troubling, if you take the data from Sony’s last earnings report (which lumped Vita and PSP together) it suggests that the PSP sold more than double that of its much younger (and more able) brother.


Despite lots of bundles, Sony have said they won’t cut the price of the machine soon.

Hopefully the Vita’s strong showing at Gamescom last week will inspire confidence in the platform, with some great titles on display and the promise of PS Mobile support very soon.



  1. I’d prefer to get a breakdown of where those 2.2 million sales have come from. Would be interesting to see in which territory it’s sold the most.
    If Sony are adamant they won’t cut the price, they are really gambling on AC and Blops shifting some serious units. Perhaps if the bundle in some nice extras (memory cards, accessory packs etc) with those games for free it would give Vita a better chance.

    • I’d like to see the breakdown of software sales. Unit sales data is nice but it doesn’t really paint any picture on how many of those sales are still alive, meaning are those 2.2 million vita owners still buying games and using it or is it sitting on a dusty shelf somewhere.
      Also I’d like to know how many of those 2.2 million are 3g or wi-fi.

    • 873,186 in Japan up until 12th August according to Media Create, about 40% of the total.

      European/US breakdown unknown.

  2. Shame that the world is feeling the economic crunch otherwise the Vita’s sales would surely be higher :/

    • Not necessarily – I am not saying you are wrong of course, but certain people (like me) just aren’t into handheld gaming. I can’t help but think that i can’t be alone in that thought.

      Plus, i think if you are into that sort of thing you would probably have money set aside for this purchase, as i know many that did.

      There are probably people out there that are really ‘feeling the pinch’ & therefore just cannot afford one right now, but i think those that were determined to get one probably did. The rest probably have it on their letters to santa.

  3. I think it’s coming down to a choice for people. A Vita or a tablet. Games vs games & more. I don’t see how Sony can win.

    • I guess whether Sony can win depends a lot on your definition of win. Sony can’t win against iOS and Android in terms of install base but they can create a device that is profitable for them, publishers and developers and that provides value for money to gamers. You could call the Vita success if they did that.

      I do think Sony needs to work hard to grow the install base and a price cut would help that. Sony also needs to court developers to make sure that there are plenty of compelling games on the system. Games that demonstrate the advantages of a device dedicated to gaming.

    • But that doesn’t explain why the DS, 3DS and 3DS XL are doing so well sales wise. But perhaps with Vita’s high price, it puts itself into that choice for customers whereas the cheaper Nintendo alternatives appear to be the best handheld choice.

      • Agreed. Most people can’t just impulse buy £240’s worth of kit and then throw even more at the situation for games. Bloody ouch!

        My mate (whom I was speaking with last night) has most consoles. He’s also genuinely “well off” but still looks at the Vita as a bad buy. The price certainly needs to come down or Sony are deluding themselves, sadly.

      • @bunimomike Just for clarification’s sake – Vita price is sub-£200.

      • Ah, the 3G version was the one I saw on Amazon but seeing the wi-fi version for £199.99 (plus games) is still a stinger. Do I have that price about right?

      • Yeah it’s £199.99 although you can get it for £190 if you look around. By no means cheap but not ridiculously expensive either. Problem is the 3DS is around £120.

      • Wi-Fi £178, 3G £220, at Shopto without games bundles and such like. I think that they need to bring the 3G price down to roughly where that lower priced Wi-Fi is and the Wi-Fi version down to around £140.

  4. the Vita reminds me of the PS3 start everyone said it was doomed now look at it.

    I think the Vita will play a big part in the PS4 as well.

  5. Maybe Sony launched the vita to help sell PSPs. If Sony doesn’t want to cut the price of the vita maybe they should raise the price of the PSP thus making the vita a cheaper purchase. :)

    • That’s Subway (the sandwich place) logic…
      Whenever you purchase two cookies (definitely white chip macadamian nut – the mother of all cookies!) for .79€ each they tell you that you can save money by buying three for 1.99€. ORLY? Since when is 1.99€ cheaper than 1.58€?
      Slightly off topic but your logic of raising the price of the PSP to make the Vita cheaper just reminded me of that… I think what you mean is that the Vita would seem like a more valuable deal if the PSP was closer to the Vita’s price but the Vita would still cost the same amount of money and the only effect this would have is that people would also buy less PSP on top of hardly buying any Vitas…

      • But you get 3 for 1.99?

      • Yeah, he’s right – 3 for 1.99€ is better value than the single price. You save yourself .38. (whoo!)

        I know what you mean though – It’s a bit like buying a multipack of crisps for £1.49 & then being told you can buy 2 for £3 as part of an offer.

      • actually I was kinda just being a smart ass, lol. but your sandwich theory has now made me hungry for cookies. :) I guess I was just trying to imply that people still want a Sony handheld but see the PSP as a better purchase. If there was no PSP or it was the same price as a vita maybe some of those people would buy a vita instead. keeping with youre sandwich theory it would be like subway just stopped selling single cookies and decide only to sell a box of 12. people wouldn’t have a choice and if you really wanted a cookie you’d have to overpay. Sure its not solid thinking but neith is refusing to drop the vitas price.

  6. It is a bit disappointing that it’s only just got past the 2 million mark but i have no clue to how long it took the PSP to do 2million so it could be doing better then the PSP. That said, Sony should have shoved the Vita in our faces untill we buy it just to shut them up from the very start as the marketing budget for it seems to be £2.00 judging from the lack adverts. And it does need a price cut as people don’t want to pay £200+ for a portable console that doesn’t have that many games for it.

    That said, it does seem that Apple are pounding portable consoles into the ground with their very cheap prices for games on the Ipad so i won’t be surprised if both the 3DS and the Vita were canned in the next 5 years.

  7. I blame the games. There simply aren’t enough ‘big names’ out there to get people buying, the system to play them. Going into the the likes of HMV and seeing the same titles on the shelf week-in and week-out isn’t going to entice many to pick up a console.

  8. got mine 2 weeks ago, i got MGS and batman2, I want to play the uncharted game, but they can go blow themselves if I still have to pay 35quid for a launch title

  9. Everyone I know who wants one is holding off until Christmas – even if there isn’t a price drop they will be able to get a lot more for their money when Amazon etc start bundling all sorts together.

    I’ll be interested to see how well the Vita sells over Christmas and then I would imagine they’ll cut the price sometime next year?

  10. End of day it’s all about the price point and demand. The PS Vita is only £200 for the wi-fi model which isn’t as app heavy as the ipods. This is why the ipod touch is excelling due to its £150 price point which is proving a hit amongst the younger generation.

    Yes the markets are different but kids prefer an ipod touch compared to a vita or 3ds due to it’s cheaper price point and the cheap apps you get on there. I’ve also noticed gaming is on the decline too in terms of software sales. Kids tend to just buy FIFA and COD and an occasional new IP every year.

    I’ve just bought the Google Nexus 7 for £200 last week and I must say it’s the best investment ever. With a custom ROM it is blazing fast and tablet UI is amazing and I’m glad I bought it and not a Vita. I’m sure it’s 12 core GPU will get try and get more games on the Android Platform :)

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