Another Four GTA V Images Show “Business”

Rockstar has been dropping these images all week, in fits and starts. We saw leisure activities, transport options and now we’ve got a group of four that were simply titled “Business”.

They show a biplane, helicopters and a car transporter with a dude swinging off it.


Yeah, they look impressive but can we have some info soon please, Rockstar?

Source: Rockstar



  1. Not quite sure what’s going on with the transporters wheels.

    • Indeed, ridiculous camber.

      • It could be the suspention as a result of the bouncy-bouncy physics we’ve come to know and love?

    • Haha, I didn’t even see that when I looked at them. :D

    • Oops missed ur comment Jas-n, hence my statement/theory below.

  2. Also kind of a shame the infurnus hasn’t been changed…

    • Why? I kinda like the thought that i can recognise what i want to steal.

    • as long as there are new cars in it I do not mind to much.

      • There were never any cars so surely all cars will be new?

  3. Red Barron FTW!

  4. Mmm dat water physics

  5. Hopefully all this hyping is going to climax in some information soon!

  6. Wow, you could be forgiven for thinking that that first picture was real.

    • …or from a Need for Speed Trailer

  7. Someone tell Rockstar they’ve misunderstood the ‘picture is worth a thousand words’ idiom. This is getting ridiculous

  8. I’m enjoying this from Rockstar, but then again, I couldn’t care less if they release the game now or in 2020 – i’m just happy that they are making the game. I know its going to be good so the little I know about the story, characters etc the better. This way I might actually enjoy the game more because of the pleasent surprises + no loss of expectations if some of the characters and features aren’t as great as they look.

    • I feel the same, the shots are good but the lack of any spoilers or hype in the form of pros is refreshing. It probably won’t stay that way for the entire build up but the less written guff the better.

      • I think that too. In the images we’ve seen, the vast array of activities, transportation devices and locations all have me at a level of anticipation written words couldn’t because my imagination is running amok. And that’s the best part, it’s all imagination. No spoilers! Once written information starts coming out, I’ll start avoiding the posts because if there’s any game out there I want to feel fresh and new to me, it’s GTA V.

      • If we get a 2012 release date, I think i’ll avoid any trailers/facts, but a 2013 date & I won’t have the will to resist.

  9. Release date please Rockstar, I know you don’t like sticking to them but please, I need to know!

  10. They certainly look the business zzzZZZ.
    Attention to detail, possibly my fav R* trait.
    (i’m guessing the cop, has given a few shotgun rds to trucks tires, as the front one’s look buckled.)

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