SCEE Boss “we are now going out into the big bad world”

The games industry is rapidly changing, Sony knows it must change with it or get left behind.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss, Jim Ryan says the age of closed platforms is coming to an end:


It’s definitely the case that the old model of these very siloed platforms is breaking down a bit. It is function of now having proper connected devices. PS2 was not a connected device. PSP was not really a proper connected device. PS3 is and PS Vita most definitely is. So we have the ability now to have devices talk to each other.

There are obviously lots of people, whether it is on a tablet or a smartphone, playing games. Sorts of people who a number of years ago were simply not doing that. We see it a real opportunity to take that constituency and offer them a PlayStation experience, whether that is with an emulated virtual dual shock, or whether it is the use of PSN functionality, which will come in the future.

Companion apps, web hubs, and free-to-play are all relatively new ideas for console makers. Ryan admits Sony need to change their approach for the first time since the PS1.

This is new ground for us. It didn’t seem it at the time but these walled gardens are actually nice, cosy places, and we are now going out into the big bad world where there are no rules. We are trying to set those rules.

We are having to reset a lot of our thinking. And I am enjoying that. But it is a challenge, because we’ve been pushing PS1, PS2 and PS3, basically the same way, and then all of a sudden we are like ‘You have to forget that and think differently’.

Do things like PlayStation Mobile and Transfarring appeal to you as a gamer? How far do you think the concept of connectivity will be taken in the next generation?

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  1. people talk about new generation of consoles being streaming machines and things being played in the cloud, a big step forward would be to have a powerful home console that can then stream the game to your companion portable device.

    It would be great if i could visit home but take some form of a psp with me and play whatever main line game i have in my disc drive or on the hard drive

    • Like Remote Play? It’s already possible but devs / publishers lock it down in order to sell a game on two platforms. I really hope that all Cross Buy games allow Remote Play. I really can’t see why they shouldn’t. There is no way for them to sell the game on the other platform and I’d be able to save space on my Vita’s memory card.
      Wishful thinking… We’re talking about Sony here after all…

      • It’s not really possible.

        Even those videos you see of 3rd party hacks are being played on local connections rather than an internet connection miles away.

        Lag makes it pretty crap anyway. Cross Buy is a far better idea than remote play- the internet simply isn’t ready for remote play.

      • I tried out Gaikai since I figure at some point, Sony will probably implement some of their tech in the PS3/PS4, even if it’s just in improving remote play. I went in expecting the worst but the latency wasn’t actually all that bad. As a side note, I’m one of those people who can’t play with vsync enabled because of latency.

        FPS games were pretty awful, I guess in part because of the precision of a mouse. But racing games (keyboard) were completely playable. So yeah, I suppose this is a long winded way of agreeing, we’re not there yet, but maybe one day.

      • Yeah, I meant through your home wifi. I’d love to play my PS3 games on my Vita on the couch while the missus watches something else on TV. My Vita never leaves the house anyways.

      • I must say that when it comes to services like gaikai the first users are always going to be hardcore gamers. The sort of people who throw their rattle out of the pram if they see a 1 fps drop. For the normal user on a reasonable internet connection then it plays fine and still looks great.

  2. i can see what they are saying but online gaming will mean losing ALOT of customers in the UK as people wont like it and wont be able to play via the net.

    I can see next gen being able to do both, with options from P+ to be able to stream games online and also offline etc.

  3. Looks like the great console gaming world that I love since the good old PS1 times followed by the fantastic PS2 times won’t come back will they…

  4. I’m really shaking my head hard.

    How many years have people been screaming and shouting at Sony to pull their fingers out and it’s like after billionsown losses and 5 years of time lost they’ve just stood bolt-upright with an epiphany “… the way guys, you know what I’ve just thought? We’d better pull our fingers out!”


    • I don’t know where you’ve got your finger and I don’t wanna know.

  5. Great, glad you realised that.

    I personally think that we should continue the tradition of having WipEout on every PlayStation console though.

    No, i won’t let it go!

    • There will still be Wipeout games on every Sony console. The only difference will be that all future games will be made by some shitty studio that knows nothing about the franchise…
      Yes, I am still bitter about this…

      • I thought about that, but left my comment like that because those games wouldn’t really be WipEout would they?

        I’m in the same boat.

  6. Having multiple devices tied to one machine is both a blessing and a curse. It would be awesome to pull out my phone and download something from the store to my console at home, being able to send text messages to people on my friends list from my phone, or being able to tranfer digital PSN movies to my smart phone or laptop. But the curse starts when you need to join facebook to start a party or when you need a vita to access your in game inventory. As long as multiple devices aren’t required to get the full experience, it’s a nice addition, but when you all of a sudden need to buy extra peripherals at inflated costs just to play a game it’s time to pull the plug on connectivity. Connectivity only truly works if you can use any device, I cringe at the thought of having to buy a Sony phone, tablet, vita, PS4, PS Move, a Sony laptop, and connect them through and additional service like PS Plus just to get the full GTA experience.

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