WeView Verdict: Max Payne 3

Somehow it’s already been a week, and Max Payne 3’s time is up. With all the opinions in it’s time to trawl through them and see just how the latest Max Payne game faired.

First up, and first to respond, is baggyg who starts by saying “…it is not quite the Max Payne I remember from my youth…”, a point that certainly seems to have been made when the game was released. However, they went on to say that “…Rockstar have added enough of their own flair to make the story memorable, cinematic and enjoyable,” which is something that Rockstar seem very capable of doing in all of their games. In fact without a cinematic flair it wouldn’t really seem like a Rockstar game would it?

[drop]Commenting on the PC version of the game, baggyg went on to say that they were impressed by its support of 3D and DirectX 11 and the way the effects “…scaled very cleverly with each setting showing as a amount of your graphics cards memory.”

Sitting slightly away from baggyg is JohnnyBoy, who admits to not having played any of the earlier Max Payne games, and only went into the game with the expectations built by it being a Rockstar game, presumably the same points made by baggyg about Rockstar’s flair. Expectations aside, they felt the story was tell told but they “…didn’t really care about the characters.” Fortunately, they noted that their “…main criteria for a game is the action and it definitely didn’t disappoint.”

On the downside though they felt it played “…like one huge Gang Hideout mission from Red Dead Redemption – clear a room, walk on, clear another room, repeat.” Although they cited Red Dead Redemption as one of their favourite games, that kind of repetition certainly can get to you after a while.

Slightly less positive about things was freezebug2, who did enjoy the game but found the campaign “…unbearably frustrating on a second playthrough as you couldn’t skip the cutscenes.” Although he notes that they’re being used to hide load times, I can certainly understand the frustration; in some ways load screens might be better. He also had complaints about the game’s multiplayer, calling it “warped”, although admitting that it seems to have got better since launch.

Finally, we turned to a rather expansive comment from Forrest_01. Whilst their comment is far too long to include in full, I advise you give it a read over here. However, with so much detail on the game I’ll let them have the final comment on the game. They wrap things up nicely by saying:

Max Payne 3 – Guns, Alcohol & Pills. What more could you ask from a videogame? Well, how about a little bit of Bullet Time just to sweeten the deal? I thought that might get your attention!

It seems most of you agreed with Forrest_01, with just one of you marking the game as Rent It and another two putting it as worthy of a buy from the Bargain Bin. That left seven of you to select Buy It as your verdict, leaving it as the clear winner.

Above is, of course, the poll to select tomorrow’s WeView. As The Darkness II and WipEout 2048 cam in joint last place I’ve decided to leave them both in, with Gotham City Impostors taking the place of Max Payne 3.



  1. for me ol’ maxy boy was just plain meh!
    rental at the very best..

    • I won’t ask if you played the multiplayer, as likelihood is that it simply didn’t work then – Surprisingly though, it’s where i have spent most of my time with the game & now that it works properly (or as properly as you could expect any online shooter to work at least), it’s bloody marvellous.

  2. Apologies for the lengthy blurb Kris – I really did try to keep it to a minimum & as i alluded to later, it was originally even longer!

    Kudos for trawling through it though. :)

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