Wii U Launch Likely To Be November 18th

There’s just something about Nintendo’s new console that isn’t clicking with me. I’ve been there day one for everything they’ve kicked out since I was a boy, and yet I just can’t get excited about the Wii U. Perhaps it’s the launch line up (another Mario Bros, a port of Ninja Gaiden and NintendoLand looking like being the initial trio) or the fact that barring some killer first party games the Wii was largely just collecting dust.

Regardless, it’s now looking like the Wii U will launch on November 18th, as news surfaces from a recent GameStop conference. Or, at least, that’s when a specific line of accessories will hit the streets in North America.


You can extrapolate from that if required, and it’s worth bearing in mind that accessories can appear a week or so earlier than the actual consoles, but seeing as that’s a Sunday and it’s the date that has been rumoured since E3, it’s fairly safe to assume that it won’t be too far away from the middle of November. Here in Europe might be a different story – Nintendo of Europe have been more switched on of late, but we’ll have to wait and see.

If it really is just a matter of weeks away, Nintendo need to start hyping this thing up. Give us pricing, week one titles, that sort of thing – getting caught up in the launch hype is all part of the fun, but I’m just not feeling it yet.



  1. Ever since the Wii I have been uninterested in it’s successor. The E3 reveal didn’t help. The lack of anything remotely interesting about it since then has killed it entirely.

    Yet I thought the Wii would be a sales flop and how wrong was I?

  2. Not excited (which is fair enough as I’m not a Ninty fan) but not interested either. I feel like it might be one of those rare moments when they have it completely wrong but am always happy to be proved otherwise – especially with second-screen gaming.

    If they have more mature games then that’s great news as I’m hoping some of the best of them will make it to the other consoles (and PC).

  3. Above £200 and I’ll be waiting for a price drop

  4. Couldn’t be less excited. Nintendo have utterly screwed this console so far, and it feels so much worse than the 3DS launch. Unless brand recognition wins it some sales, they’re going to be facing another price drop in the very near future. The fact that we’re so close to launch and yet we still don’t know the price, is impressively bad business tactics.

  5. Compared to what I’m looking forward to getting from PlayStation, Wii U just feels meh.

  6. I really want to be excited – and things like ZombiU and Rayman Legends are looking awesome – but Nintendo seems to be doing all they can to stop people from getting too excited. There’s just not much information out there about it. If they’re not getting key info to someone like me, who spends all day soaked in game news and culture, then what hope for the casuals and the mainstream?

    My nephews, huge fans of the Wii and (3)DS gaming, didn’t know anything about it until I told them, over a year after it had been announced, a few weeks after the E3 trailers.

  7. feel the same way nothing about it has me interested they had E3 to blow me away but nothing did.

  8. I find it amazing on how Nintendo seems to have no will to promote their own new console. Comparing to the hype they created to their other systems (3DS included), it feels like they are actually ashamed to whatever they end up getting to market in time for Christmas. The launch line up is weak at best, but surely they could boast the system anyway (they did it with the SNES in the US and it worked pretty well for them).

  9. I’ll agree that as of today nintendo doesn’t seem to eager to stoke the fires, but let us not forget TGS is just around the corner. And I’m sure 2 months of promoting will be enough to get the kids excited. Say what you want to about nintendo but they usually get things pretty close to right. Nintendo has had enough “firsts” in this business that I personally can’t wait to see what they put out next. Even if you don’t like Nintendo what they do changes the industry more then Sony and MS combined. It’s that possibility of change that has my interest.
    Also I severely doubt it’s going to launch on the 18th. Like the article mentioned it’s a Sunday and most major stores here close early on Sunday. Although the way it works is on Sunday all the new sales ads are shipped in the Sunday paper so our sales week goes from Sunday to Saturday. If it’s in the 18th week of sales it could release anywhere from the 18th through the 24th, it’s also important to note that that is the week of thanksgiving. Black Friday?

    • I think they are talking about US GameStops. Didn’t the 3DS XL launch on a Sunday in the US? I also heared that date (or at least mid November) from a Let’s Player on Youtube who apparently has sources close to Nintendo.
      I really hope Nintendo bombards us with release information during their TGS conference. I’m not 100% in the “buyer” camp yet, but if it’s not a launch purchase it will definitely happen once the next Zelda comes out.

  10. I’m really excited about Rayman Legends. For me that game is a potential system seller. I might sit back and wait a little before I buy a Wii U, though. Mayble I’ll pull the trigger once they release a new shiny HD Zelda. I still have yet to play Skyward Sword. The Wii U will be backwards compatible, right? The Classic catalogue also has some gems in it. The second screen would be a perfect fit for that. That is exactly where I think Nintendo is one step ahead of Sony. You can basically play all your games on the second screen while someone else is watching TV. I want that kind of relationship between my PS3 and my Vita. Now!

    • Oh, forgot Lego City is also a thing. I really like the look of it. I owned Lego Island back when I was a kid and loved the game.

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