Gears of War Judgement to Feature Free-For-All Multiplayer Mode

That’s right for the first time in series history, you’ll be able to go head-to-head with your mates to find out just who is the best Gears player.

People Can Fly have been entrusted with developing Judgement, no doubt there are plenty of big announcements still to come. No other information has been released on the mode, although they were kind enough to show one solitary screenshot.

Source: OXM


  1. Love the Gears franchise but never really got into the multiplayer. Spending more time commando rolling or back scratching against cover more than anything else. Usually dance around with an opponent before one of us gets a lucky shotgun round off that totally obliterates the other.
    Still, always willing to give it another try and free-for-all could be interesting

    • and that pretty much sums up the Gears multiplayer, still a big fan of the series tho.

  2. Is it really free or do you need to buy Xbox Gold to play it….?

    • It’s a free for all game mode for the new game. First time for the series.

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