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Both Starhawk and Warhawk have had a lot of love from TSA community over the years, so it’s unsurprising that Starhawk came top of yesterday’s poll. The RTS spin that Starhawk puts on things can, perhaps, be described as odd, but the game is still worthy of praise, even if it’s just for trying to do something different from the rest of the pack.

It was Dan who took the reins on our review of Starhawk back in May, although he was only looking at the game’s single player. Perhaps unsurprisingly he compared the game to the TV series Firefly, noting the shared Western tone of both, along with an abundance of guitar twang and some mutated humans. For a campaign mode that could have simply been tacked onto what many would consider a multiplayer experience, he actually found it enjoyable, helped along by some excellent voice work.

As for those aforementioned RTS elements? In his own words he loves “the Build and Battle system. Its ease of use means that even those who aren’t that strategically minded can quickly and efficiently create a base within a few seconds.” Certainly sounds worthwhile, and with the scenarios he runs through in the review it’s clear that the system adds some real depth to the game.

Despite the disparate elements at play, third-person combat, vehicle combat and the Build and Battle system, Dan was pleased that find that everything controlled well and flowed together nicely. He wasn’t as much of a fan of the game’s visuals, citing their ability to “swing from looking stunning to totally average” as an issue. He also felt that the game got repetitive at times, which presumably wasn’t helped by some overly large levels. Even with these faults though he still rated the game at 8/10 and had this to say in conclusion:

Starhawk’s single-player campaign is by no means perfect, but it is definitely enjoyable. The Build and Battle system has been well designed, and there are some truly exhilarating moments such as the first time you take a Hawk out into space. Repetition does take the shine off of proceedings somewhat, however. As preparation for the multi-player side of things, the single-player campaign does its job well – you’ll find yourself more than capable of joining a team and kicking some ass.

Now though, as always, it’s time to put aside our views on the game, and ask what you thought. Although Dan’s review was of the single player, you’re more than welcome to talk about the multiplayer elements of the game, or even a mixture of both if you’re feeling adventurous.

If you feel like sharing your thoughts on any aspect of the game all you need to do is drop a comment below before Sunday afternoon. Remember that you need to attach a rating to the game as well, selecting from the Buy It, Bargain Bin ItRent ItAvoid It scale as you see fit. Once all the comments are in I will, as I do every week, collect the views together for Monday’s verdict article, and reveal the community’s verdict of the game.



  1. Hmm this is a hard one for me. I loved Warhawk and so pre ordered this one. PLayed it from the day it came out for a month and gave up, why? Because of the very one sided part of the game.

    For me I would say Rent It, it has many things wrong with it, but its great fun when the matches are full and not very one sided.

  2. It is a tough one, on my way to 700hrs in Warhawk, loved the Starhawk limited beta, but since release Starhawk just hasn’t grabbed me the same way.

    It’s very difficult to get good at Starhawk and progress your game from hiding & throwing proximity mines into popular through-routes and choke points.

    What is a natural fit for the excellent concept of build & battle in Starhawk is Zones mode, it’s here were more often than not everything clicks into place and the brilliance of the game is revealed, away from this there is more often than not a problem with balance where a game becomes unbalanced with one side getting all the kills from the other side who struggle to even get out of the base. Because Zones mode has multiple points of focus around the map rather than just a flag it’s easier to find a bit of space and relax into the game.

    As a fan, I find it difficult to say buy it, but if you do & you commit it’s well worth it.

  3. Starhawk is a definitely a getting a harsh judgement from me. The Beta was extremely fun. Spent so much time on it I was amazed myself and with only two maps too!

    Then the game came out.

    The campaign felt like it was a great story not told properly. It was fun while it lasted but it was too short and had no character. Multiplayer has suffered too. The charm which was there is gone now. It’s like losing a best friend almost. A real shame.

    Rent It to make sure you like the multiplayer before buying it.

  4. I really enjoy Starhawk (note the present tense), and zones is one of the most fun multiplayer experiences I have ever had. The RTS and tower defense elements of Starhawk are really great and add a frantic and fun layer to the gameplay.

  5. Starhawk is a game in which you can no longer just jump in and be a single player. It really takes a team effort to win games. And for this its amazing. As the clan leader of DOZ there is nothing more fun than having our clan all on one side communicating and winning.
    The only thing I hate is the lag and the spread on the tank. The tank should kill stuff easier.
    Buy it, join DOZ, and enjoy many hours of fun.

  6. I have really enjoyed Starhawk, from the Beta through to the retail game.

    The single player game was a decent length considering that most reviews labeled it as a glorified tutorial, and I thought that the world they created, both graphically and musically, was fantastic.

    The multiplayer game was clearly always going to be the main portion of the experience and certainly at release it was everything I’d hoped for, with huge land and air battles, and the RTS meets 3rd person shooter mechanics making for interesting and unique approaches to each game.

    However, as time has passed people seem to have settled into the same tactics for each game, and from my experience the numbers of players online has dwindled catastrophically. My final game last week consisted of a 2 v 2 team event, which took ten minutes to find a fourth player for. This is a huge shame as with two full teams playing Starhawk is one of the best online multiplayer games I’ve ever experienced.

    Sadly much as I would love to say ‘Buy It’, I think I’d have to say ‘Rent It’ – experience the world they’ve built and hope that you can find some like minded folk to play it with online.

  7. Definitely a clan game, without this you are wasting your money. I’m in PS3 multi game clan Grumpy Old Men (which is huge) and while MW3, Battlefield etc are rocking full tilt every night, of the 25 odd members who joined the Starhawk in game clan, only half a dozen play regularly. Most of the 25 didn’t wait for the second game patch, they’ve gone back to MW3, FIFA, KZ3 etc. for their online fix.

    For those who bought it and threw it away in disgust – note the recent patch has resulted in a more stable and balanced game – nowhere near perfect, but heading in the right direction.

    I have to say one, so it’s BUY IT because I’m glad I did, although like others here, I can’t deny its not for everyone. What I really mean is find a mate with it and go round theirs for the evening.

  8. This is the best multiplayer game you will ever play, if you like online shooters you will love this! BUY IT !

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