EA’s Frank Gibeau “new hardware is going to be coming out in about a year’s time”

Gamers want them, developers want them, publishers want them, but both Microsoft and Sony continue to stay silent on their next generation consoles.

EA has never been shy about speculating on when the next generation will arrive. Today EA Labels President, Frank Gibeau, has added more fuel to the fire by saying he expects the new console to hit in around 12 months.


The new hardware is going to be coming out in about a year’s time, so we’re right around this period in time when the market’s going to slow down and then you have a new game changer coming with all new technology, all new hardware, and another growth period.

The wait for new consoles has become pretty painful in 2012, it’s the elephant in the room at every expo, reveal, and interview. When do you think the new systems will finally break cover?

Source: Bloomberg



  1. Personally I’m not too bothered, that said, I reckon both Microsoft & Sony will debut their new units at E3 2013. Surely any later would be a mistake?

    • I remember people saying that about E3 2012… but here’s hoping!

  2. He means iPad 4.

    • That was surely a foregone conlusion anyway , no? ;)

    • you mean the iPaid too much 4?

      • LOL that’s all can say to this.

  3. I’ve said before several times that I don’t care much for a push into next-gen, but after seeing those mind-blowing tech demos from Sqare-enix and others, and the promise of new IP like Watch Dogs, Whore of the orient and more being able to take on next-gen has made me far more interested in investing in it. Which is exactly how we should be going into next-gen.

  4. Can’t wait for the next gen . Still some good stuff to come before then, but I’m ready now.

    I reckon PS4 will be announced at a Playstation Briefing in Jan/Feb 2013, as they did with the Vita, with an Autumn 2013 release – and it better be worldwide this time. So many of Sony’s studios have been quiet of late, I’m guessing they’re hard at work on ‘Launch Window’ titles.

    • They should release a few good games on the launch itself & than have a new release every (few) week(s) to keep everyone interested and avoid a draught (like we had with the Vita).

  5. would buy a PS4 tomorrow if they released it.

    • Even for “Five-hundred and ninety-nine US dollars.”?

      • I would too if they had the games.

    • So would i skib.

  6. If its £300 + again for a PS4 or whatever, then m probably going to spend that money on a gamng PC instead, considering how much they have taken the simplicity out of console gaming this gen.

    • I think things will get better next-gen, because there will hopefully be a good chunk of RAM, SATA 3 (PS3 is 1.5!) and other small changes that will allow much quicker loading and hopefully a PS Vita-degree of multitasking too. If not, then I’ll probably switch to PC too.

  7. Gingers crossed indeed!

    • *fingers*.

      • Crossing the Ginger lines could actually be catostrophic. Infact it would create a ginger hole in which anything ginger would get sucked in causing a Ginger effect. Meaning nothing ginger would ever live. No Gingers, no Ginger nuts either….jesus.

      • I preffered the first comment.

      • So much so in fact, that it has clearly stopped me from spelling ‘preferred’ properly. Doh.

      • Forest I put a lot of thought into my comment and then you shoot me down…..:-(

      • Lol – I can see that!

        Truth is i was responding to Kivi, but i got distracted whilst typing & by the time i posted, you had already responded.

        I don’t think my comment takes anything away from yours though. :)

  8. Time to save up for a PS4.

  9. Gamers want them? Well I don’t, I think most developers aren’t taking full advantage of the power of the current gen and stuff like our internet infastructure isn’t good enough for the network features the next gen MUST include.

  10. I’m very excited for this personally. I want the new console to be here as soon as possible, and for all this shit to be over with. It’s a bit worrying all these games being announced for current consoles that are coming out next year. I think that Sony or Microsoft will have their own event a month or so before E3 to be the one to announce first.

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