PlayStation Plus Goes On Sale This Week

PlayStation Plus is going on sale from this Wednesday in Europe, with SCEE offering PlayStation owners 25% off the current yearly subscription price.

That means that you’ll be able to get access to all the discounts, free games and other goodies that Plus brings (like automatic patch downloading) for just £30 (€37.49).


The most recent free game announcements include Retro/Grade, SEGA’s Hell Yeah! and the epic Red Dead Redemption. PS3 owners will also benefit from the newly boosted cloud storage, now sitting at a healthy 1GB of space.

The offer lasts until the 19th of September.



  1. I’ve been a subscriber from day one and the sub conveniently runs out tomorrow. Unsure whether to re-sub as there is a still a lack of Vita support, I will be away from my PS3 for the year. No point really.

    • Definately not worth renewing, even if there was decent Vita support, Plus will always gear towards the PS3 primarily and so you wouldn’t really get your money’s worth….yup, let it expire mate. ;)

    • Vita support is coming this year,

  2. Never been a fan of Plus, just don’t see the point in renting games from Sony, but considering how much Sony now shaft their non-Plus customers, I might have to dive in. Although, I haven’t touched my PS3 in a couple of months, so it might just be a waste of money… :/

    • No better time to pop the PS Plus cherry for £30. ;)

  3. Will be topping up my subscription :) Ends in December, love it. So i need another year or two on there.

    Did you all see the amazing Ross has left SCEE? :( Hope our new PS+ overlord is as brilliant as he was.

  4. I’ve always been a bit envious of the discounts and freebies that plussers get. Think I might go for this offer.

  5. ” if you’re not already subscribed”?
    so, does that mean i couldn’t get the discount if i was renewing my sub?

    • ok never mind, got my answer on the blog.
      “Current subscribers take note – annual subscriptions stack, so you can also take advantage of the reduced price.”

  6. my cloud storage space still sits at 150mb. is it already 1GB in the UK?

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