Walking Dead Episode 3 Keeps on Walking Past SCEE

It’s not really news that Telltale Games’ lauded Walking Dead series has seen its third episode delayed in Europe. And although we agree that it’s a problem which needs fixed, we’re starting to tire of our own voices on the matter so I’m sure you are too. But PlayStation users in the EU deserve to be told as much as they can be about the matter so we’re going to share a couple of extra fragments of information that we’ve noticed.

Firstly, a reply from Blog Manager Fred Dutton to a commenter who indicated that many were still awaiting the episode’s release.


So it seems that – behind the scenes, at least – SCEE thinks it’ll be relatively soon. Only a month or so later than the US PSN, Steam and Xbox Live (in Europe, too) releases. That’s some light at the end of the tunnel, at least. As long as nobody at SCEE deletes the reply and pretends it never happened.

But we still don’t know what caused the delay. Well, thanks to a subsequently deleted tweet from Telltale Games, we can be reasonably sure its something to do with the SCEE approval process.

Now, whether you see this as SCEE’s fault for having an approval system which isn’t conducive to rapid releases is your choice. It’s reasonable to assume that this could be the same problem for all the other SCEA content that’s late to SCEE though, or at least some of it. You might want to blame developers for whatever problems SCEE finds during the QA process that SCEA doesn’t find but remember that localisation is usually done by developers before they submit to QA.

We’ve also got to ask why, if SCEE has found an issue with something appearing on their store, those items don’t get pulled from the SCEA store?

Whatever the issue is, it would be nice to get some honesty and transparency from SCEE on the matter, rather than sending the poor Blog guys out with vague comments that don’t help calm the frustrations of the many PlayStation fans left confused by the delays.



  1. It’s such a shame been going through this with my husband and been looking forward to see what comes next. But about time this is released everyone will be enjoying the 4th episode :(

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