Machinarium Slips Past SCEE As Counter-Strike And Walking Dead Are Still No-Shows

It must be an absolute nightmare working for SCEE’s Store Updates team. Dozens of territories to look after, stacks of games to schedule and legions of angry PlayStation fans.

But today’s PSN Store Update seems to have frustrated more than most in recent weeks, with the likes of Machinarium, The Walking Dead Episode 3 and the much delayed Counter-Strike Global Offensive still missing in action.


And – mostly – without commentary or explanation.

Machinarium is the strangest one. It was listed for today during yesterday’s Plus update post, and then when it didn’t look like it was coming, SCEE edited out the release date on the original post. You can still see the release date in this forum copy and paste.

SCEE representative Jawad Ashraf firstly stated (in a comment reply) that a release date “was not (and has not) been made” for the game, and said that the edit wasn’t “a matter of hiding” but to avoid confusing customers.

“The date was changed and we apologise for this,” he added. Confusingly.

Counter-Strike was meant to be out three weeks ago too – it’s out on competing formats and the US has the PS3 version. There’s still no real explanation for the delay, other than Blog Manager Fred Dutton dispelling our story about the Belgium tweet.

“We currently have no new information to pass on,” said Ashraf.

It’s a similar story with The Walking Dead Episode 3, too. Naturally the blame can’t be placed on an individual, but SCEE desperately needs more transparency here with their customers – something that’s probably more of an issue than the constant delays to certain titles.

Although we’ll let you be the judge of that.



  1. It doesn’t help they keep changing those who are in charge of the store. Xbox had Major Nielson (or whatever his name is) for several years and it clearly payed off. SCEE seems undermanned and badly managed.

  2. Stuff happens, especially bad stuff.

    SCEE’s attitude to customers/fans stinks though, not going to go into it too much for my own wellbeing, but many issues could be alleviated with better communication, or even some communication. It’s a basic customer care skill even if it’s the most important one.

    • I fully agree – more frustrating than something not showing on the Store, is the lack of communication or totally ignoring the issue. A bit of honesty goes a long way, and it’s fine to be told something is going to be 2 weeks late (at least we know), rather then having no idea when it might appear (without apology).

  3. I feel really sorry for the ace guys we know who work on the Blog and the Store updates because they bear the brunt of (totally justified) customer frustrations and they get all of the (totally unjustified) abuse over it. There’s probably absolutely nothing they can do – their hands are tied by failures well above their pay grades. Which is probably why they seem to have a reasonably healthy turnaround in blog managers…

    Ultimately, I want Sony to thrive in Europe (for many reasons, most of which are selfish) so I hope that they do whatever it takes to sort out whatever is causing this mess with such regularity.

    • “their hands are tied by failures well above their pay grades”

      Almost certainly.

    • Yeah, I agree. Those chaps are not the ones pulling the strings but they have to put up with the backlash of the angry community.
      However, someone at SCEE is definitely fecking up big time and I hope they get their shet together rather sooner than later…

      • Gamers being unreasonable and feeling that the world owes them everything? Surely not ;)

      • @ico

        Companies being unreasonable and feeling that their paying customers don’t deserve information when there is a problem? Never happened before.

        And stop calling me Shirley!

  4. I really wanted ‘MGS:PW HD’ on PSN(UK) but no show on the PSN Store :-/ Oh well i won’t moan & cry about it like some of those idiots who comment on that blog :D

    • yes, complaining about not getting something you paid for months ago is just petty right? o_O

      • In fairness I don’t think JBoo was calling those complainers stupid, just those who become abusive over things like he posted, which nobody has already paid for (as far as I know).

    • Yeah, how dare they complain about something that they were promised or paid for and having no clue when the content will be up on the store. They sicken me! The disgraceful people! It makes me want to kick a croc in the mouth. sarcasm.

      • “kick a croc in the mouth”?

        that was kinda random.
        funny, but random.

  5. it’s like something out of a Graham Linehan sitcom.

    you keep thinking, it can’t get worse, but, i really don’t need to finish that sentence do i?

  6. and don’t forget this.

    “Super Stardust Portable will be 50% off, or absolutely free to PS Plus subscribers!”

    they gonna try and say that’s still in their bloody QA dungeon?
    they’ll be celebrating the game’s sixth anniversary by the time scee pulls its finger out its arse.

  7. “Naturally the blame can’t be placed on an individual”

    It can be placed and it’s super relevant.

  8. Sorry Valve you wont be getting money for CS:GO now. Blame SCEE.

  9. Bad management can be crushingly frustrating for those on the coal face. The nobs making all the mistakes need a good, old fashioned tabloid exposing.

  10. People shouldn’t jump to conclusions if they don’t know the full story.

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