Machinarium Lands on EU PSN, Free for Plus Subscribers

Just a quick note, after all our collective moaning. Those of you waiting for Machinarium on this week’s store update will be pleased to know that it has now been added to the Store and it’s free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

There’s still no sign of all the other stuff missing from SCEE’s PSN but let’s not dwell too long on that. This addition shows that at least they’re trying.


For those of you who aren’t keeping up, Machinarium was a bit of a hit on Steam when it arrived at the end of 2009. It then went on to appear on the iPad, Blackberry Playbook and Android platforms before making this jump to home consoles via the PSN.

It’s a smart and quirky point and click puzzler with a great art style so well worth a download at the price of £6.49. And it’s definitely worth the bandwidth, if you’re a lucky PS Plus subscriber getting it for nowt.



  1. For a game that didn’t have a release date yesterday, that was a quick turnaround.

    Wonder what the real reason was for the day’s delay. Certainly not a new build.

    • Given the numerous delays lately it seems that SCEE QA department is a little hard worked at the moment, so maybe it’s just that for this game: One extra day for QA than anticipated.

      Going to DL it for free right now!! Thanks for the notice :D

  2. I had a feeling it might somehow turn up today, good result anyway!

  3. Awesome:)

  4. somebody checked the lost and found box?

    anyway, i’m glad it’s actually up now.
    weird how one day it has a release date, then the next day it doesn’t, and the day after it’s out. o_O

    lastly, thanks for highlighting this, i would not have known otherwise.
    all they’ve got on the blog is a comment from jawad on page 12 of the update post.
    at least at the time of writing that’s all there was.

    • also just wanted to add.

      yes, they are very trying. ^_^

    • They did tweet about it too.

      • ah well, i wouldn’t have seen that, not being much of a Twitter user.

  5. Cool, wasn’t expecting this until next week so this is a nice surprise

  6. Some good news, but I’m not changing my forum sig:

  7. When new stuff is added to PS+ they should advertise it in the ticker. Currently they are advertising 25% discount – the first time SCEE has used the ticker. SCEA have used it from the start as far as I know.

  8. bloody brilliant game.
    that little robot guy is so cute.

    • Did you notice if you let him idle, little ‘memories’ pop up.. marvelous :)

  9. I thought this was for PSvita aswell? Can’t find it on the psvita store :/

    • It was rated for Vita, but never been mentioned by developers or SCEE.

  10. Wonder what the impact is with it not being there on update day, must be a sizeable number of people who only go there on update day & then will forget by the time next update day comes around.

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