Machinarium Free For PlayStation Plus Subscribers

SCEE have announced this month’s PlayStation Plus line-up, courtesy of Blog Manager Fred Dutton (as Ross McGrath has sadly left the company). Despite the absence of the hugely hard working Store Manager, the Plus legacy continues, with some killer content.

First up is the brilliant (and we do mean brilliant) Red Dead Redemption, and it’s joined by the side-scrolling retro battler Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Also due (soon) is the brand new Double Dragon Neon (on the 12th) and Machinarium, which is actually out tomorrow.


Machinarium is a kooky, inventive puzzler, and well worth grabbing.

Plus, for anyone not yet signed up, will be 25% off from tomorrow too.



  1. Great month this one all games I don’t own expect one, but still nice to add Red Dead Redemption to my hard drive.

  2. Machinarium. Fuck yes! (sorry)
    Ashamed to say I hung on before buying it, then as usually happens when I do that… I forgot.

    RDR didn’t click with me, found it extremely repetitive like most of R* games, but I’d love to give it another go… And I loved the Scott Pilgrim demo so on the whole a great month for me!

    • Did you try the RDR Undead Nightmare – that was stupidly repetitive? You have to constantly travel miles to repeatedly defend various locations. It ruined the experience for me unfortunately.

      • I am with you on that. RDR was a great game and I loved it to bits. When the undead nightmare came out I thought it would be great.

        I got bored so quickly and it just put me off going back to it.

  3. If you don’t have a Playstation Plus account by now then you may need psychologically analysed.

    • ^^ this

    • I don’t have one and those offers won’t nudge me any closer to a subscription since Machinarium is the only game out of the lot that I actually care about and I already own it on Steam and Android. :)

  4. With DLC on the way for Scott Pilgrim, I was expecting this to appear on PS+ or on sale at some point.
    Look forward to giving it a go!

    Machinarium is utterly lovely too, and we’ll see if I get on with RDR…

    Big month for me.

  5. Sad to see that Ross is not with the PS+ team anymore :(.

  6. Only played RDR out of these (and i greatly disliked it) so a GREAT month for me.

    Looking forward to Machinarium. Never played it before.

  7. Machinarium – at last!, loved the online demo ( also Samorost) but it was a bit slow in the ps3 browser so i’m looking forward to playing it properly now.

  8. that’s great news, i played a demo of the PC version and it seemed like a great little point and click game.
    i’ve been waiting for the psn version, so to find out it’ll be part of my plus sub is fantastic.

    i’ve got RDR and Scott Pilgrim, they are still great games though.
    and i’m looking forward to that online mode that’s supposed to be coming for Scott Pilgrim.

  9. Machinarium, I already own via an earlier Humble Bundle and is very nice to look at. Other than that it isn’t all that challenging. RDR however, despite owning the disk version I may grab the electronic version as it may draw me back to it’s excellent MP. Scott Pilgram is one title I have flirted with buying in the past and I’ll look forward to playing.

    A good month all in all.

    • Really? I must suck at these kinds of puzzle games since I struggle with almost every puzzle and end up looking up most of the game…

    • that was why i liked Machinarium, the puzzles weren’t really obscure like some of the Monkey island puzzles were.

      i mean, i’ve played games where some of the things you have to combine or do are just frankly ridiculous, and that’s in otherwise top quality titles.

  10. Shoulda been Undead Nightmare, I already have RDR -_-

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