Killzone Trilogy Confirmed, Includes HD Remaster Of Original PS2 Shooter

Whether you’re a die-hard Helghast-slaying fanatic or just late to the party, Sony will have your back covered next month with the launch of  its PS3-exclusive Killzone Trilogy.


Launching on October 23rd the bundle will contain every console iteration of the gritty sci-fi series, complete with every byte of additional downloadable content. What’s more is that players will be able to relive the original 2004 first person shooter in glorious HD, which will also support trophies. Though unconfirmed, it appears as if Guerilla Games has helmed the High-def renovations itself.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog



  1. Lovely.

  2. original and the best by far. triple shot shotgun here I come

    • It’s all about the Nail Gun from KZ3.

      Shame the PSP (“Liberation”?) game isn’t included – I really enjoyed that.

      Now, will KZ1 have Remote Play support? That would seal the deal for me.

  3. When the inevitable price drops comes, I will get this.
    £40 is crazy.

    • Agree on that too. KZ3 MP was terrible too IMO.

  4. Would still like to see the original game as a stand alone HD remake. I would say it’s my favourite game of the series in terms of the story and gameplay.

    • Killzone HD will probably get launched on it’s own at some point. There will no doubt be loads of fans who already own KZ2&3 who wont want to shell out £40 for it.

      • Killzone 1 HD is definitely coming out on its own… ;)

      • This! I already own K2/3 collectors editions so they bear bring that HD on its on

      • Here’s hoping as I’ve got the other two, especially as KZ3 cost me £12 new.

      • I’m very keen for KZ HD!

        Before KZ3 came out I read a lot of the KZ universe back story the put on their website and it was actually pretty interesting, I’d be keen for another play through from start to finish with that insight.


        For anyone who’s interested

  5. Presumably no word on if they plan to release Killzone 1 HD version separately?? Would love to play that again, but don’t need to buy the other two. Good box art too.

  6. Fantastic! Cant wait to play kz1 certainly wont be £40 and even if it is that won’t lasy long

  7. Guerilla were behind the KZ1 remake

  8. We should reboot the TSA Killzone meets as well.

  9. “For anyone wondering, Killzone 1 HD will have offline multiplayer against bots according to Guerrilla Game’s Technical Director”

    • Hell yeah!

      • Technically known as “Single player” :D

    • Loved playing this on split-screen against me mates back in the day, right good laff

    • Nice! I have fond memories of playing splitscreen with a friend against a load of bots.

  10. UPDATE: The blog posters have confirmed Killzone HD will be available on its own from the PS Store

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