FIFA 13 Demo Out Today


Today is the day you can finally get your hands on this year’s FIFA title. The demo will feature AC Milan, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Juventus, and Manchester City. It’s live on Origin for PC and Xbox Live right now, the PSN Store version is expected soon.


So head off to your gaming platform of choice and get back to us with your thoughts. How does EA’s latest offering stack up against Konami’s PES 2013, which we previewed very positively?



  1. I have spoken to the shop guru Andy and he says the EU PSN version will go up with the regular store update tomorrow.

  2. I went to buy now.. and saw a Pre-order deal for Simcity which I find attracting…. omg.

  3. Does anyone know if the F1 2012 demo is out? Seen blogs etc. that has it out this week and some next week.

    • Its definitely on the XBL store so I’d imagine the PS3 will get the same treatment tomorrow.

      • Cheers LTG, can’t wait to give it a go.

  4. PSvita demo?

  5. Has anybodied played it yet? I’m considering giving fifa a complete miss this year to focus on PES ( which I believe deserves credit for its quality)

    What do you guys think?

    • Is the PES demo good? I hated the 2012 demo and bought FIFA 12 (first FIFA game since 99) after having PES up to about 2010.

      • The PES 2013 demo is as close as PES have been to challenging FIFA seriously for top dog in the genre. It’s absolutely brilliant, I think a good review was posted on this site about a week ago. You sould definetely download the demo (the 2nd one) and play it.

        I can’t comment on FIFA yet as i’m yet to play it, but I find it hard to believe how FIFA could have made more progress from PES has this year.

      • Pro12 was better than fifa12 but all these reviewer sites are biased FIFA 10/11 are the only 2 series that was better than pro.

        Pro13 will be better I don’t have to play FIFA to know. FIFA is like COD same washed out crap with a bit of a lie of improvement as for pes it’s battlefield better in every aspect but the brainwashed remain puppets over licenses

      • @Taylor Made
        Believe it or not, its about opinion, so don’t know how you can say pes was better than fifa last year.

        And, i’d just like to say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, hence there are bound to be less changes between fifa releases, more tweaks to the gameplay, plus new features like the many in fifa 13.

    • Played it, and its better improved from Fifa 12.

      • Interesting, hows the defending? Have they kept it much the same as FIFA 12 or changed it?

    • Find it hard to believe FIFA 13 won’t be better than PES 2013. I found both PES demos to be awful, it still all seems very wooden to me, just doesn’t flow as well as FIFA in my opinion.

  6. I thought Playstation was the flagship for FIFA so why ain’t it out sane time as the rest.

    Also like someone pointed is there a FIFA vita demo?

    • It’s out when the store updates

      Which is Tuesday on Xbox360 around the world and also on PlayStation in US, but for some reason SCEE does Wednesday, perhaps everything is even less likely to be ready if they brought it forward a day for parity, or perhaps all their bandwisth will be leached by eager Americans not wanting to wait for their store to update thanks to timezones

  7. Its up on the U.S Store now ;)

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