Ecolibrium Launches Today On PS Vita, Completely Free To Download

Ecolibrium is the second free-to-play title to grace Sony’s exclusive pool of “Discovery Apps” for the PlayStation Vita. Releasing as part of today’s weekly store update, the game will allow players to create and customise their own luscious ecosystem which can house a myriad of animal species and plant-life.


The goal of Ecolibrium is to establish and maintain environmental balance, a persistent in-game counter that no doubt alters depending on the compatibility of creatures and their surrounding environment. The Vita app will also make use of Near, allowing users to trade assets as well as auction them off.

As with just about any free-to-play title Ecolibrium will also have a micro-transaction system in place. Players will be able to purchase “Game Boxes”, each one housing a handful of items that will help speed up progress.



  1. This at least looks vaguely interesting – and is free to try too! Whether it will make me want to spend any money on it is another matter, particularly when Jet Set Radio is out this week!

  2. Free to play my ass, I downloaded that pinball game only to be told to carry on playing pay like wtf so u ain’t free lol

    But I will download anything everything that’s free for the vita lol

    • Yeah that was a bit of a con. Should be labelled as a Demo not a free game. You get to play the tables for 2 mins max, so how can you call that a free game, its a demo surely.

      • Is there a time limit in ZP2? I noticed there was a score limit (that lets you continue your game without increasing the score), but I fairly sure I played a table for more than a couple minutes…

      • Not for me, the 2 tables i tried let me play for about 5 seconds after i got the max score message and then dumped me out to the main menu.

  3. I’ll give this a go, looks like it could be fun – I just need some more Vita owning friends for Near now.

  4. I will give this a go. Still won’t teach me about Near though I’m sure. Do the free games have trophies?

    • Some of them, yes. Treasures of Montezuma, for example, has trophies.

    • This one has Trophies as well.

  5. I thought people wanted Monster Hunter – not Monster Hugger .. ;)
    It actually looks interesting though so i’ll check it out later.

  6. Looks like a cross between SimSafari and Spore, count me in!

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