Wii U Said To Cost £210 In UK, Premium Model £250, Releases December

Nintendo have announced launch details for the Wii U, the first ‘next gen’ console or the last, depending on your viewpoint and manufacturer affiliation.

UK and American details are expected this afternoon, but we can make some guesses based on the Japanese information that has emerged in the last hour.


In short, there’ll be two models – a standard and a premium. UK pricing is going to be around £210 for the basic model (which comes with 8gb of storage and will be white) and another £40 for the premium (which has 32gb, and is black). Additional gamepads are expected to cost upwards of £100, such is the price for such technology.

32gb, by anyone’s standards, is not enough for a ‘premium’ console – that thing will fill up very quickly if Nintendo are wanting to push digital downloads.

Both Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land will be available separately as both retail and download, suggesting there’s no pack-in for the console this time around, odd after the success of Wii Sports.

Spec wise it’s a 2gb console, with games able to use half of that. We’re also chasing details on something called Nintendo Network Premiuim.

These prices and details, obviously, may differ later today for other markets.



  1. Perhaps Nintendo is planning on game streaming, rather than downloads? Just an [pretty unfeasible] idea.

  2. yay, cheaper retro games with the premium loyalty scheme and more points… I think.

  3. So in a nutshell, it will be around £350 for 1 console and an extra controller?

    You can shop around and pick up a Vita and a PS3 with an extra controller and game bundle for around that price.

    The Wii was successful for many reasons but 1 major reason was the price in comparison to it’s competition. The Wii U is surely too little far too late.

  4. £100 for a controller and only 32gb max + 32gb cards? Both of those are ridiculous. I expected expensive controllers but not that high, though i think you can still only use a maximum or 2 (and only 1 at launch i think).

    With no DVD/blu-ray playback it would have to be a 2nd/3rd console under the TV instead of replacing a ps3/360.

    I can’t really think of a single box the Wii U ticks for me.

  5. I’m guessing UK price will be £250 for basic, £289 for premium and £120 for extra pads.

  6. Nice to hear they are doing a “home” edition. Given I would want one just to play the occasional great exclusive, the fact they are doing a scaled down model sounds good to me. £250 for the console + ZombiU is my budget so fingers crossed.

  7. Weird I haven’t heard anybody talk about the size of the controllers, they’re effin’ huge…

  8. They’ve got the pricing right – although when you consider the cost of an extra pad is 100 quid it almost seems too cheap for the console.

    • seems like maybe they’re subsidising the cost of the console with the price of the pads.
      nice if you only need one pad, a bitch if you need two or your first one breaks though.

      • £100 seems a lot for a controller with the functionality of a DSXL. But the controller is only streaming from the Wii U where the DSXL is processing everything.

        I expect Nintendo will be making a decent amount on the controllers.

  9. Makes sense given the price of hardware at this stage of the generation. And yes, I do consider it as part of this generation. It will either sell well to only Nintendo fanboys and not appeal more widely because it is a current gen console, or it will sell well because the next generation will cost a lot more. Only time will tell…

  10. Too high a price for too little storage in my opinion – I won’t be getting one.

    • I might be alone on this but I much prefer Ninty’s approach of giving us the bare minimum in terms of storage and then allowing us to buy external HDDs.
      Speaking as someone who paid £59.99 for an official 250GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 I can assure you I would rather Nintendo keep the console price down meaning I can then buy a 2TB HDD from ebuyer for £70.

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