Retailer Mentions New 12GB PS3 In Two Weeks

According to one European site, a German retailer has mentioned that Sony will be issuing a “new 12GB” PS3 in two weeks. That would tie it in with our earlier reveal that the new CECH-4000 “Super Slim” model would hit just after the Tokyo Game Show.

Early leaks for the upgraded console hinted at a 16GB onboard storage, so quite where 12GB has come from is anyone’s guess, unless it’s just reserved space for the OS and caching.


The source also hints at a price increase, although this is unsubstantiated at present.



  1. 12Gbs isnt even enough for some games, for example DC universe online is no less than 16GBs of data. so you need at least a 20GB PS3 to play it, because of the massive instal, and the fact that only about 90% of the hardrive is real usable space.

  2. 12 is a strange number.
    When was the last time you saw a 12GB anything?

    16GB (or even 8GB!) would be more likely, if they were going for a media based streamer which also plays blu-rays. And Uncharted, that doesn’t install.

    • Maybe Sony got access to loads of cheap unsold 4GB flash memory?

    • maybe it’s 16GB, but with operating system overheads and drive translation it might come in at 12GB for the user.

    • Naw, they rip out the flash memory of all unsold PSP Gos and thus absorb into the new form of the Playstation 3. Kinda merging into one being you could imagine and look cool but ugly instead..

  3. Surely it’s GOT TO BE CHEAPER?!?! Maybe it will be $599 LoL:D That is all i am going to say about it(FED up of saying do a price cut SONY etc etc…)

  4. Thanks Youles,i’ll start looking about about for a new hdd.

  5. That’s a perfectly reasonable entry level PS3. The 12GB will allow the console to be used primarily as a media device with the option to upgrade with a HDD for the full blown PS3 experience.
    That size of memory space will store your photo’s, music albums, vid clips, BD Data, allow access to all of the TV channels and movie rental services including YouTube viewing. And able to play any PS1, PS2 classics, mini’s or PS3 games that don’t require an install.
    Basically an entry level media device with game playing capability which is probably how modern consoles are being utilised more and more these days. But it is still upgradeable to the top end PS3 with a seperate HDD attached.
    Great strategy though from Sony in my view to sell a budget priced entry level console as a media centre that can easily be upgraded to a full spec games and media device if required…..or just buy the high end model with installed large capacity HDD in the beginning. ;)

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