Retailer Mentions New 12GB PS3 In Two Weeks

According to one European site, a German retailer has mentioned that Sony will be issuing a “new 12GB” PS3 in two weeks. That would tie it in with our earlier reveal that the new CECH-4000 “Super Slim” model would hit just after the Tokyo Game Show.

Early leaks for the upgraded console hinted at a 16GB onboard storage, so quite where 12GB has come from is anyone’s guess, unless it’s just reserved space for the OS and caching.


The source also hints at a price increase, although this is unsubstantiated at present.



  1. If this is true then Sony will be shooting themselves in the foot as noone will want to buy it due to the forced installs and you would barely be able to get more then 3 games installed at a time depending on the size. Although it could be aimed at those who want to get PS1 classics and don’t want/can’t get a PS2/1.

    • You couldn’t realistically have PS+ and only 12 or 16GB of space. Each months new downloads probably total more than that.

      If they made it a streaming console it would need to almost be streaming only.

      You can buy a 250GB hdd for £35 so I can’t believe there would be a massive cost saving

      • Slighty off topic but with the ps plus bigger storage could i just install a new hdd then download all my saves from ps plus without having to do anything else?

      • Yes – assuming these new PS3’s allow a larger HDD to be installed. You’d need to re-install any patches, DLC, movies, photos, themes etc if you didn’t use the Backup then Restore method.

    • I believe Sony’s foot will be fine depending on what choice of models you have available like of 16gb and one with a hard-drive.

  2. 12gb? When they’re trying to push PS+? I have less than 10gb left on my 250gb HDD and have had to delete stuff I’ve had free from PS+ to make space to let me download more. A step in the wrong direction me thinks.

  3. Surely it must be 12gb flash storage?

    • Yeah.

      I would buy this one, if you can still add an hard disk, because then i would add something like a 1TB disk.

      • I think PS3’s can only cope with 500GB, worth checking before you splash out :)

      • mine has a 1TB in it now it can take them.

      • Thanks for the heads-up, but as skibadee says there are 1TB drives out there now, that fits just fine :)

        I would properly pick up the 750GB hybrid drive from Seagate though, to get some extra speed.

  4. 12gb sound ridiculous. Each downloaded game requires twice its size to download and install, meaning a 6.5gb game wouldn’t be playable on the console.

    • That’s clearly not what it’s meant for though is it.
      It’s practically certain that like the Wii U with its 8/32GB of ‘system storage’ users will be able to augment that by adding a cheaply-sourced HDD of their own choosing.
      You could get hat fulls of PSN titles and minis in 12/16GB. Hardcore gamers, which likely includes almost everyone reading this site and probably all those who comment here, will go for an option with more storage or choose to augment it. Which is why my PS3 has a 740GB HDD in it at the moment.

      • While I do agree that most of us have bigger HDD (250GB, myself), this new PS3 has (I think) in it’s sights those that always wanted to have one but for whom the price has yet to hit that soft spot. Even so, hardcore or not, it is weird to me to sell a system that can’t play all games straight from the box. If you can get an external HDD then that settles it, but I didn’t know that was possible with the PS3.

  5. “Price increase” wtf?!

    • same as gaz what’s that about.

  6. It should be cheaper. then you can just switch out the hdd. That’d mean my mate who’s been itching for a ps3 will actually get one! But a price increase? problem there.

  7. Well i’s 4GB more then the Wii U basic :D.

  8. I think people are missing the point here, this PS3 is for people who mainly buy 1 game a year being FIFA or Call of Duty. Or for people who don’t game at all and want a 3D bluray player with internet access. it’s also 12 GB of flash memory, not HDD.

    • Well said, this console will suit the playstation move and wonderbook bundles and casual gamers not ps plus or play every game crew

    • Blato trying to capture the casual market.
      I expect Move bundles for Christmas.

      But also this ^

      • Err, that post want above my last one when i started typing :I

    • I think your logic might be flawed. If you only buy 1 game a year then you already have a PS3 and wouldn’t need to buy this PS3 and there’s got to be cheaper Blu-ray players out there then a PS3.

  9. If you can still install a HDD into this then this might be the best model yet, especially if some of this flash storage is used for caching purposes.

    Stick a HDD in it, if you can and it’s the most ‘core’ PS3 model there is.

    • I wonder what happens when/if you have both flashmem and a hdd fitted… would the ps3 Os give prority to the flashmem for caching when running something like the browser? That could be very helpful indeed.

  10. I can’t imagine the ‘super slim’ will have the option for internal storage.
    External perhaps?

    • With the space they’ll be saving by replacing the slot-loading Blu-ray drive with a top-loading one there’ll be plenty of latitude to shrink the form factor while still accommodating a 2.5″ HDD bay.

      And that’s before speculating on what they’ve likely done elsewhere in the PS3’s internals which would also help them make it smaller.

    • Maybe there’s a slot for a vita memory card.

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