Top 100 of 2012 Recap: 30-26 – Gotham City Impostors, Resistance and Darkness

We’re nearly into the last week of our Top 100 Recap, and the games keep coming. We’ve got another five for you today, ranging from shooting people whilst dressed as Batman to creating music and quite a few steps in between.

30 Gotham City Impostors

We’ll start things off today with Gotham City Impostors, a Batman game that I somehow know very little about. That’s probably because it doesn’t actually feature Batman, instead starring the titular Impostors. This lack of the Dark Knight probably explains the game’s gun based gameplay, with it being likely to draw more comparisons to Team Fortress 2 than Arkham City.


Essentially Impostors is a team based multiplayer game with a Batman theme, the two teams either modelling themselves after Batman or The Joker. We never formally reviewed it but Gamoc took a a look at it for Cheap PC Gaming and he certainly seemed to enjoy himself playing the game.

He plucked out the game’s movement system for specific praise, having this to say about it:

Sure, you can walk, or sprint, but that is for peasants. In Impostors you can glide, spring-jump, or even skate around the maps as you hunt your next victim. The game offers various ‘gadgets’, consisting of things like a glider rig (for gliding), roller-skates (for skating) and spring boots (for springing), amongst others. Not only that, but dotted around the maps are useful things to help some of these modes of transport out, such as a vent for lifting you up into the air on your glider, or a ramp for jumping over things on your skates.

Of course there were other elements he liked, especially, it would seem, shooting clowns in the face. I’m not all that fond of clowns myself (seriously, who thinks clowns are funny?) so I may have to give the game a try. Maybe I’ll give it a go on PC, as it’s free-to-play on that platform.

29 Sound Shapes

Sound Shapes seems to have been knocking about for a while, and has been getting some elements of the gaming community very excited since its first showing. The music based side-scrolling platformer arrived last month, with Alex taking on review duties. It’s safe to say he enjoyed the game, rating it at 9/10.

The game is, perhaps, a little weird to describe, with your aim as you progress through each level, or song if you want, being to build up the various parts of the audio track that backs your gameplay. This music is reflected in the level design and gameplay, with the two linked together tightly.

The game’s musical theme goes further, with record decks featuring heavily and the levels split up into albums. The graphics change between albums, something that seems to have been a particular highlight for Alex.

Then of course there’s the level editor, something that I could write an entire article about by itself. If you want to know more about that element I’d really advise you go read Alex’s review.

Whilst Sound Shapes is certainly something special, it’s not without a few minor issues. Alex found that, at times, the framerate had problems, and the game’s use of physics could occasionally be troublesome. However, I think the game’s certainly worth getting, and remember you can grab it on both PS3 and Vita now.

28 Resistance: Burning Skies (Vita)

As Alex said in his review of the game, it was a little strange that it took so long for the Vita to get a first person shooter. Although the Vita arrived on our shores in February, we didn’t see Resistance until the end of May. For what’s surely the biggest genre in gaming at the moment that length of time is just bizarre, and perhaps stranger still is the fact it was a Resistance game, rather than a Killzone title.

Things would have been alright if Burning Skies had been a shining example of what the Vita could do for the genre but it wasn’t to be. I think it’s fairly safe to say that Alex was underwhelmed in his review of the game, calling the main character, Tom Riley, unlikeable and finding issues with the game’s framerate when enemies start to pile on. He also called noted that the “…audio is well under par,” and found that a few sections really let the game down.

It’s not entirely bad though, with the visuals showing a little promise (although being rather inconsistent about it) and the game’s comic style loading screens being enjoyable, at least at first. However, the game is hardly a shining beacon to draw other FPS titles to the console, coming in at 6/10.

27 Ni No Kuni

Originally released in Japan on the DS in 2010, and then getting a PS3 version in November of 2011, we’ll have to wait for January of 2013 to get our hands on the European version of the RPG from Studio Ghibli and Level-5. That’s right, Studio Ghibli have decided to take the animation prowess they’ve developed in producing anime and turn it to creating games.

With the game’s Japanese only status so far it’s perfectly understandable if you don’t know much about it, but as you’d expect it draws heavily from Studio Ghibli’s anime roots. Here’s what Blair had to say about the game when we looked at in our original Top 100 post:

It looks great, with a visual style not too unlike The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. In fact it looks like a 2D anime extruded into a 3D environment. The game has been very well received in Japan, scoring 36/40 in the popular Japanese video game magazine Famitsu. We’ll soon get to find out, when it releases on PS3 on this side of the world in the coming months.

He wasn’t quite right with his “coming months” prediction, but you shouldn’t feel too bad about the wait until next January, as when the game does hit it’s coming with a Wizard Edition. This seems to be a little beyond your average limited edition fare, with the edition including a 300 page hardback replica of the book that lead character Oliver uses in the game. That seems pretty special to me, but it also comes with a plushy of Drippy, Oliver’s companion, and some DLC. A pretty good deal in my opinion.

26 The Darkness II

With this week’s WeView Verdict being for The Darkness II, and with yesterday’s Recap article featuring Darksiders II, I had a brief moment of panic where I thought we’d managed to include The Darkness II in our list twice. Fortunately my confusion was quickly resolved, and I realised that they’re actually two separate games.

In fact their two pretty different games, with The Darkness II being less about the end of the world and more about utilising an ancient dark power to rip people in half. You know, just like all those other ripping people in half based first person shooters that are out there.

The core concepts of The Darkness II are actually pretty unique, and the ability to quad wield (two Darkness arms and two weapons) was something that Jim said he thoroughly enjoyed in our review of the game. He also found praise for the game’s comic inspired visuals and the truly excellent voice cast, finding very little wrong with the game at all. This carried over to the score, where he rated it as 9/10. However, in this week’s WeView Verdict it only managed to get up to a rating of Bargain Bin It, so it seems the community doesn’t quite agree with Jim’s opinion of the game.

We’ll be back with five more games on Monday as we break into our top 25.



  1. I can’t wait for Ni No Kuni! Looks absolutely incredible, I really want the Wizard Edition but I’m not sure I can justify spending so much on it.

    • Yes, yes you can. Not that you need to justify it, if anything that’s part of the enjoyment!

  2. Sound shapes was great, perfect for vita. Just enough time to play a level or two on the train on my way to work and the sound design truly is exceptional, linked to the gameplay in a way I’ve never really seen in a game before. Highly recommended.

  3. It is slightly sad that Resistance: Burning Skies is the series’ swan song.

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