Zynga File Lawsuit Against EA

The battle between EA and Zynga has intensified today, with the social-gaming giant claiming “anticompetitive and unlawful business practices”.


Last month EA announced it was to sue Zynga over alleged copycat developing, with The Ville baring a striking resemblance to The Sims Social.

Zynga’s general counsel Reggie Davis:

Today we responded to EA’s claims, which we believe have no merit. We also filed a counterclaim which addresses actions by EA we believe to be anticompetitive and unlawful business practices, including legal threats and demands for no-hire agreements.

In response EA released this official statement:

This is a subterfuge aimed at diverting attention from Zynga’s persistent plagiarism of other artists and studios. Zynga would be better served trying to hold onto the shrinking number of employees they’ve got, rather than suing to acquire more.

What do you think about this news, do Zynga have a leg to stand on?



  1. I’m thinking of Zynga’s track record & no.

    Besides, The Sims is a long standing series which has looked more or less like that since the beginning.

  2. I’m just looking forward to the day that Zynga is gone for good.
    Companies that simply steal other people’s great ideas should not be awarded with success.

  3. Do Zynga have a point? Yes.
    Have they deliberately plagiarised EA intellectual property to make money? Yes

    But in all honesty it doesn’t matter, whoever has the most expensive lawyers will win. Either that or a judge who actually listens and knows enough about all the laws infringed, and make the truly informed decision.

  4. Zynga, don’t they tend to steal ideas, then threaten the original creator with a lawsuit if they try to sue them? If so, then they have no chance against EA as they are bigger then them. Plus, the Sims pretty much started the genre i think and Ville does look like a sims game.

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