Community Chronicle: 30/09/12

Oh god, I’m so tired and ache all over. Also, I imagine that this is the case for almost everyone else in this incredibly crowded house with only a single bathroom and a toilet down which you should only put loo roll and liquids.

Unfortunately, nobody has sent in a TSA rig, and I wouldn’t even have access to those images, since I’m writing this on someone else’s laptop! So, no rig this week.

It’s all going so very well so far, isn’t it?

For next week we can do something a bit different and send in pictures from Eurogamer Expo, if you have been or are coming today. Anything you like, from awesome cosplay costumes to a bundle of swag or a cool thing that you think other people would enjoy.

As a teensy weensy example, this week we will leave you with a photo taken at the Eurogamer Expo of Stuart (@stu_brodie) from Entertainment Dive (who was also on our EGX podcast), sporting a TSA sticker on his laptop.


To pitch in, just use that handy form below, or tweet them at me (@teflon) and I’ll set up a nice little gallery for next week.

First order of business here is to say that I’m a terrible, terrible person and last week missed that Roynaldo had earned himself a Platinum trophy for THPS HD.

This week though, we have some new happenings (and I hope that I won’t miss anyone out). Youles has himself a Necromorph blood stained Platinum trophy for Dead Space. I will be personally shaking his hand later today, I’m sure.

However, a rather spectacular effort has been put in by Wilboss, who has the TSA fastest for Metal Gear Solid 4. According to the man himself, it “took 8 playthroughs, around 80 hours and 1,200 cutscenes! Not an easy one…”

That’s it for this week, I believe (but am probably incredibly wrong). I know that lots have been playing LBP Vita, Borderlands 2 and F1 2012, none of which are going to be easy games to Platinum, which explains a bit of the lull we’re still seeing!

Last week saw Tuffcub running away with the vote along with JBoo, skipping off into the sunset to celebrate their combined victory.

This week, I’m afraid I simply haven’t had time to compile a list of comments which I liked or enjoyed. I haven’t even looked!

So, here’s what we can do instead. Sound off in the comments about the Eurogamer Expo, with games that you’ve enjoyed, coverage that we’ve done and you’ve liked and so on. Basically, what have been your highlights from the last week?

Alright guys, I’m off to the pub now, to chat with the rest of the TSA staff (and friends), so I will just have to catch you guys next week.

I leave you with the usual submission form:

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