TSA EGX Podcast 1

Here’s your first podcast from our Eurogamer Expo visit. We’ve been to the show and seen a first batch of games we wanted to take a look at. We’ve also met up with some of our friends and spent a couple of hours sitting around a table with a few fizzy drinks.

We were joined by Stuart from Entertainment Dive and David – TheDeathAvenger on TSA – we also had ex-TSA staffer and general legend Davs Howard. As if that wasn’t treat enough, we were joined by friend of the site and general man about town, Peter Willington, Vaughn Highfield of TheGamersHub and Martin Wharmby, Games Editor at MyM Magazine.

We live streamed video of the podcast recording on our new UStream channel. We’ll be doing another podcast tonight from around 8PM so if you want to watch the madness unfold, go to our UStream channel and hit the big yellow “Join Crowd” button.

Oh, and be warned: there’s strong language and bad jokes.

You can grab the podcast here if you feel like a direct download, but it’ll pop up on our RSS feed and iTunes feed as soon as they update.



  1. I watched the live podcast last night and was laughing out loud but couldn’t join in the conversation as i don’t have a ustream account and although i heard Kris mention #tsalive i’m a twitter n00b and couldn’t find it. :/
    It was great to see so many TSA and friends gathered together and i’m sure there’ll be even more fun tonight. I’ll have to miss it tonight though as i’ll be celebrating a friends 40th birthday and will be too intoxicated to be allowed anywhere near an online conversation ;)
    Have a ball guys!

  2. If you can get the guy who looks like Moss (from IT Crowd) to wear many coats, I’ll pop in. :)

  3. I have had an idea for the ultimate TSA dance video which could be filmed after the pub on saturday night, but it depends on getting everyone involved. And I mean everyone.

    • so long as it includes that move Kris kept doing on that video from the EGX house.
      that could be like the TSA signature move.

      • Its not Kris. It’s me n Kev :) Kris is doing his usual one as well.

      • Kris can teach you and Kev.

        actually it might even be funnier seeing Kev do that move. ^_^

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