TheSixthAxis Pubcast – August 2019

We love to have a beer down the pub, and we love to talk about games. Like early man combing some dry twigs with a bit of sparking flint and discovering fire, we worked out that if you put these things together you get a pubcast. And so we have done one, in August, at the height of the summer. Only it’s not. We waited too long and now the heatwave is gone. It’s tipping it down, and frankly being indoors playing games is the best thing any of us could possibly be doing, apart from having a drink down the pub and talking about them. I guarantee it (note: TheSixthAxis does not guarantee anything of the sort).

This podcast may feature strong language (it does), jokes in poor taste (it does) and adult themes (or audio memes even). If you’re offended by any of that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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Dom – @domleighton
Ade – @adewritesstuff
Cael – @AmpleTea

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