Day 4 Of The Google Play Sale

Google Play’s celebration of 25 billion app downloads from their store continues into its fourth day. Great news for bargain hunters as that means there’s yet more titles made available at the bargain price of 25p/25¢. Below is just a selection of the titles available.

Cogs – Lazy 8

Where’s My Perry – Disney

Cut The Rope HD – Zeptolab

Order & Chaos – Gameloft

Broken Sword Director’s Cut – Revolution Software

This is just a selection of the games on offer today, there are a few more on Google Play along with other premium apps at the bargain price. This deal only runs for five days and the games and apps are rotated daily, so if you see something you like be sure to be quick and grab it.

Source: Google Play.


  1. Picked up Cogs last night. Seems really good I just seem too stupid to play it. Its really one of those frustratingly addictive types of games.

  2. Finally some stuff I’m interested in :)
    Been meaning to buy the full version of RealCalc for a while, and there are at least four games there I want.
    Nice one, Google :)

  3. WHere’s my Perry (along with where’s my water) is an ace puzzler. Really good learning curve and great value for full price let alone this steal.

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