WeView Verdict: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Once again the people have spoken, and it was almost with one voice on this week’s WeView. The love for the Metal Gear Solid series was almost palpable, something that was hardly surprising.

PoorPaddy89 was amongst those heavily backing the Collection, saying “I’d happily pay full retail for each one individually, so this is a great bargain.” They actually have the Collection on both PS3 and Vita, so are in a prime position to compare and contrast the two editions for us.

The main difference it would seem comes in the controls, with the Vita version being “…a little messy.” In particular they felt that the weapon select on Vita “…isn’t brilliant, but isn’t particularly awful,” and that “…tiptoeing/peeking on Vita with the back panel doesn’t work anywhere near as well as on PS3 with R2/L2.” With that said, they do still praise both versions of the Collection, although they put the home console version as the one to go for.

[drop]bigbadwolf was a bit more in favour of the Vita version than PoorPaddy89, but then again they didn’t have a home console version to compare it to. They also commented on the value that the Collection offers, saying that for £20 “…you really can’t go wrong.” Even the missing Peace Walker didn’t bother them, with the game gaining a recommendation for anyone who owns a Vita.

However, sitting on the other side of things was frostface, who was new to the series. Like bigbadwolf they only played the Vita version, but just didn’t enjoy it at all. They said that whilst “They’re probably great games for anyone who’d played them before,” but as someone new to the series they “…just couldn’t get used to the controls in either game and the fixed camera in MGS2 really bugged me.”

bmg_123 found something similar, noting that if you haven’t played the games before “…you might just simply not enjoy them.” However, whilst bmg_123 was willing to see the other side of things, it does seem that they at least enjoyed the games, citing Peace Walker as the best of the bunch. As for Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater, they found that the camera angles were odd and meant that “you can’t really see the enemy sometimes, which is frustrating when trying (and thus failing) to be stealthy!”

Finally we come to phizzy, simply because they sum up all of the games in the collection rather nicely:

Metal Gear Solid 3 is the best game ever.
Peace Walker is good fun and very addictive.
Metal Gear Solid 2 is good, but if you’re one of those mental trophy whores you may wish to kill yourself after a couple of playthroughs.

Moving onto the ratings now, you can probably guess that it’s a bit of an avalanche this week. Whilst Rent It did receive one vote, Buy It came in with twelve votes, making it this week’s clear winner.

As for this week’s poll, I’ve gone with a very Vita focussed selection this week. If you’ve got Sony’s newest console then it’s your time to shine!



  1. I was the only one to vote ‘Rent it’! I just have to go against the crowd :p

  2. One does not simply rent MGS. ;)

    I already planned to pick this up as soon as i can find it in stock brand new and can spare the cash. So i have a bigger excuse to have a MGS marathon when i do get it. May end up dying if i do it all in one go. That or the PS3 will.

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