Resident Evil 6 Ships 4.5 Million Copies, Breaks Capcom Records

Capcom has been banking on Resident Evil 6 to do well for quite some time. The Japanese publisher predicted that Resi 6 would sell 7 million copies by March 2013. That’s over a million more than Resi 5 sold at 5.8 million and even more than the previous record holder for the company, Street Fighter II on the SNES at 6.3 million.

Capcom says it shipped 4.4 million units of Resident Evil 5 in 2009 so sales forecasts still appear a little optimistic. Review scores for the latest in the series have been quite varied – perhaps a symptom of having three campaigns that all play quite differently.

Source: CVG



  1. big figures.

  2. Well that proved me wrong, looks like the review did nothing to stop people.

    Still wont buy it, I will till its free on ps plus ps4

  3. You do realise this is Capcom “shipping” 4.5 m copies right? Shipping is BIG difference to actual sales. It might turn out like FF13-2 with tons more copies shipped than actually sold and then being sold a month later for £10.

    I’ll wait till next weeks worldwide sales before being told i’m wrong :) (however Japan loves resi so this countries fifa sales may have buried Resi in the UK).

    • yeah that’s why I wrote “Ships” in the headline and compared it to the “shipped” figures for Resi 5.

      • Yea sorry I wasn’t directing it the topic lol just pre-empting all the wow sales are good (ignoring it’s not actual sales figures).

    • With Fifa out and AC 3+ Hitman coming out shortly, I seriously doubt this hash up of a game will meet the sales expectations. Likelihood is you’ve hit the nail on the head.

  4. the game is well made plays well just not what some people were expecting I like it so far.

    • Same. Leon’s section in particular is excellent and basically feels like a co-op RE4 with improved controls.

  5. I love how Resi 6 has been done, the 4 campaigns really break it up nice. I also love how they cross over the story to each campaign. The gameplay is also really good. There are the odd annoying moments but every game has that!

  6. Interesting opening line. Capcom haven’t been or aren’t in danger of going under are they?

  7. Luckily I can borrow it otherwise I would have waited untill it became “underpriced”. I have only played through Leon’s campaign so far and in many ways it feels like and old mechanic Japanese elephant. While the production values are high and there several moments of entertainment, it just feels old fashioned. I’m not a professional by any means but I am not a novice either, and I meet the game over screen way too often. The menus, the boss fights, the conventional enemies just seems like something that belongs to a different time. And that fifth chapter – man, it’s ridiculous.

  8. I must say I am loving Resident Evil 6. I’m actually having more fun with this RE than any other in the series. I obviously don’t compare it to the previous titles but judging it on it’s own merits then it’s a very solid 3rd person shooter with the best online co-op I have ever seen.

    Stop being haters and get this game!

    • The co-op is indeed excellent. Given most co-op games equate to nothing more than walking down a set of corridors with a buddy alongside you, I found some of the co-op moments in RE6 to be exceptional and rather unique.

  9. I can wait two years for it to be free on PS+.

  10. Loved resi 4, tolerated resi 5, number 6 looks so desperate I’m tempted to buy it out of pity for capcom :/

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