Community Chronicle 07/10/12

Well writing last week’s Chronicle was quite an interesting task. Although it clearly didn’t go down too well, or people might have actually commented!

Speaking of which, it certainly feels that interest in this weekly post is waning somewhat. Comment of The Week has become much trickier to manage without comment voting and pictures of rigs are few and far between these days. So, since we’re all open to fresh ideas here on TSA, do sound off in the comments about what kind of things you’d like to see be added to or replace this feature?

Having just said that not many people send things in for this, Shaggy2Dope sent in a boat load of images of his games collection. It’s a big one! I’ll hand over to Shaggy a moment:

One big, giant, neatly organized, tower of gaming junk! See if you can spot the one PC game. (hint: it’s my favorite game of ALL TIME!)

There’s some really nice collectables in there, from the God of War 3 chest to the Max Payne 3 model and even a SNES as the centrepiece!

This does all lead me to wonder whether this is actually Shaggy’s storage system. It all seems a tiny bit too precarious to me.

As always, if you’d like to have you gaming gear and gubbins featured in the Chronicle, just use the submission form at the bottom of the page to send stuff in.

There’s been a fair bit more motion around these parts, with plenty a game being polished off, or a speedy finish to some of the more recent releases which we’ve had.

R1MJAW got here a few months too late for the actual Olympics, but has a nice shiny Platinum for London 2012. Similarly, Shakugan has Silent Hill Downpour, Youles has Ico and blackredyellow has Castlevania Lords of Shadow (which he also took to 100% trophies with all the DLC) and a belated Borderlands 1 Platinum.

Speaking of Borderlands, the sequel was only out a few weeks ago, and sounds like it’s quite a hefty game to tackle. Element666 has finished his first play through on it, and quickly embarked on another, but it’s Crazy_Del who’s Speedy McSpeedy on yet another title, taking home the fastest Platinum award.

Samiro05 has performed a similar feat with The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. No, not “testicles”, but “testament”. There was some confusion over that one.

Going back to a bit of cooperative play, and it’s really nice to see Youles and Ron_McPhatty teaming up to help Ron get his 5th Platinum, in Portal 2. A lovely game in coop, and it sounds like the pair of them had a bit of fun getting there.

Finally, we see Steven Watch return, who has effectively rage quit Dark Souls for good after he lost 44,000 Souls and 15 points of Humanity when he was knocked off a ledge… I’m sure he’ll be back.

Whilst Comment of The Week probably won’t return after today (we’ll see), I figure it appropriate for it to go out with one last hurrah!

I have a handful of select comments from the last week, with a poll for you to vote on them with. We’ll start off with LTG Davey’s comments about Unfinished Swan. He says it’s “arty farty” and something that just doesn’t appeal to him! A shame, since I have a feeling it’s going to be another wonderful experience.

Taylor Made and FattyUK reminisce about when they both last had to switch discs part way through a game, and that cracking little joke made in MGS4.

Ico rightly points out that a game can still be good, even if the “graffix” aren’t up to snuff… Do you think this will hold true of Black Ops Declassified?

The next iPad. Will it be an iPad Mini, an iPad Junior, or perhaps an iPod Touch Maxi? Well, Forrest reckons the last option sounds like a sanitary towel.

Gamoc is spot on when he says that Charles Joblonski, Acting CEO of OnLive, has one utterly fantastic moustache!

Get your votes in, and feel free to use the form below to contribute stuff for next week!

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  1. Wouldn’t it be better just to put the ‘likes’ back on? I didn’t know it was such an issue. I’ll code them back in.

    • \o/. If you’ve not done so and if you don’t mind. Can you try to fix the profile in the forums? As it always ends up in a loading loop. :-/ Getting bored of my current location.

    • I guess so. Didn’t find a good time or way to bring it up, you’ve been flat out with so much stuff.
      You’re a star :)

    what’s the prize?

    • A date with Tef. Or a used toeshoe.

      • Give willy the toeshoe!
        i’ll take tef!! =D

      • Yeah, about that. Tef has taken a restraining order out against you MJB. Also, he has ordered me to throw a cake at your head then attack you with a toeshoe if he senses you. Don’t know why he ordered me to use a cake though.

      • i thought that order wasn’t going live until the END of october!?

        what does tef have against me? i just tried to eat his navel one time! nothing big, and the he takes a restraining order against me!

        tef Y U NO LOVE ME!??

      • I pulled some strings and managed to get the order to go live yesterday. He is still having nightmares about that time you broke into his room, naked and did the windmill before whipping out a dildo. As well as doing other stuff that even i wouldn’t dare to do. :O But the thing with the spider, that’s both creative and disturbing.

        Oh and stop stalking me as i’m getting fed up of getting arrested for carrying a katana in public and for attempted murder.

      • toeshoe or teflon no contest!
        toeshoe all day long!

      • aww those strings! and the thing with the spider: think i came 3 times! luckily i had tef gagged! otherwise he would have…. ohhhhh ok now i see why tef took a restraining order on me!!

      • Wat… is this…

        What am i reading?

  3. This is actually not my storage my rig or storage system. I don’t really have the greatest looking set up for playing games but I do have a lot of gaming paraphernalia (some of which i couldn’t fit in these photos).

    Instead of taking several photos of all this stuff, or a lousy photo of just a television and game consoles, I decided to gather it all in one family photo.

    • Impressive all the same, i think i would have to find some clear space to assemble my mess too ;)
      That Vault Tec box is possibly the neatest collectors item i’ve ever seen, wish i had one :)

      • It was part of the Collector’s Edition for Fallout 3 along with the bobblehead as well. I’m pretty sure you can find the the collector’s edition online somewhere.

  4. Great collection, some nice collectors editions also. Doesn’t that PSP Go look tiny in comparison these days. :O

    • it cramps the hell out of my hands playing it! forget about playing Gran Turismo for long hours on that thing.

  5. I’ve not ragequit Dark Souls. It ragequit on me. But 44 thousand souls and 15 humanity, gone. *grabs a beer*

    I’m guessing that you like a certain instructment game but i can’t remeber the name of it. Call of rockstar? :p

  6. That collection is awesome! I really want the GoW3 box, ultimate edtition I think… Think my wife might have something to say if I plonked it on display though!

    Cheers for the mention! That 100% was NOT easy!

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