Battlefield Bad Company TV Show In Development

Deadline are reporting that Fox has begun development of a Battlefield: Bad Company television series.

John Eisendrath, who wrote for Alias, will be creating the script for Adam Sandler’s ‘Happy Madison’ production company. EA’s Patrick Back and Patrick O’Brien will be executive producing alongside Eisendrath and Happy Madison’s Doug Robison.

The plot will follow the four main characters from the game as they leave the military and begin work in the private sector but – OMG – ‘trouble is never far behind’. They realise that their CO has been using the team for his own devious purposes and now needs to silence the team forever.

Also known as ‘the plot of the A-Team movie’.

Sounds like it could be good as long as Adam Sandler has absolutely nothing to do with the series.

Source: Deadline


  1. Television and film based upon a game, sounds like quality television to me. It’s not television, it’s HBO !!!

  2. It’ll not be as good as the Battlefield Friends shorts on youtube!

    • Agreed. Those are excellent.

  3. It has potential. The characters and dialogue in bad company were comedy. Totally depends on how well written and acted it is of course, but it COULD be good.

  4. Tony, that’s wishful thinking. With DICE swedish produceras involved? Sounds more like a dark Scandinavian whodunit to me. Sorry to bust your balls there.

  5. It has potiental but i fear it will suffer from too much interference and have dumbed down dialogue. And it depends on the actors as well. I really hope they don’t decide to use an actor just because he/she will get millions to watch it due to them being in it instead of how the actor can protray the character.

    I wonder if EA are using the show as a way to see if there is still people who are interested in BF:BC and may end up allowing another game? As BF:BC2 was a bit of a letdown and took it self too seriously whilst throwing in some humour. In fact, why the hell is the gold not mentioned in that?

  6. Did anyone else watch this on youtube? The Controller : Battlefield 3

    Bunch of pricks to be honest, doesnt show gamers in the best light

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