Pre-Order A Game Of Dwarves, Get Free Beer

Paradox Interactive and Zeal Game Studios have officially opened pre-orders for upcoming “dwarf management” title, A Game of Dwarves. Set in a rich fantasy realm, players are tasked with exploring the world’s expansive underground network. Along the way you’ll need to construct and maintain your very own settlement whilst keeping an eye on its half-pint inhabitants.


A Game Of Dwarves is set to launch on October 23rd and will available via a number of outlets including Steam and Gamersgate. Those who pre-order the downloadable title will be entitled to the Ale Pack DLC, allowing players to erect what can only be described as beer trees.

Source: Press Release



  1. I want to make a joke but now I can’t or I’ll do 12 weeks time, at her majesty’s pleasure.

    Annnnyway, looks good. Console release a no-go?

    • I can imagine, but well done with the restraint…….. so much material :P

  2. I have a sudden urge to go and dig a hole. diggy diggy hole.

  3. looks like it could be nice to play but hopefully its not a messed up release. Shame the beer isn’t real *shakes head in disgust*

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