Microsoft’s New “Digits” Tech Might Be The Future Of Control

This is pretty impressive – it’s very much at prototype stage, clearly, but Digits, a new piece of tech from Microsoft, aims to allow completely hands free 3D interaction at a level far beyond that seen in Kinect and PlayStation Move.


Made up of an inertia measurer (for movement) and various infra-red cameras, Digits is worn on the wrist and allows the user – for example – to “answer a phone call with a thumbs up, change a television channel with a flick of a finger, play videos games without a controller, translate sign language into text—and maybe even touch type without a keyboard someday.”

It’s miles off being ready for consumption, but it’s always good to see brand new technology.

You can read more about Digits here.



  1. I don’t think ‘hands free’ is the right way to describe this :P

  2. That is pretty cool, at last something innotive & less is a ps eyetoy lol. If they get right this could be big

  3. that is pretty cool. Still need something in my hand to play with though…excuse the pun

  4. Even if the tech is perfected, can’t see this being a success. It looks far too niche and, like move and kinnect, will be used primarily for gimmicks (and pointless ones at that) in the majority of games.

  5. Just thinking, maybe Sony could use this for Home, then all the perverts can virtually grab all the ladies bums and do a dance etc.

  6. apple take note, this is the sort of thing worthy of being patented, not like patenting a rounded rectangle!

  7. I really like the look of this, very impressed. Hopefully one day it can be used well it some way.

  8. now we can finally have a Naruto game where you make the hand seals for the ninjutsus and abilities and stuff

  9. Kinect to track the body an this to track the fingers, looks like ph00ture to me

  10. Cool tech, although it’s just for one hand so if you wanted to switch hands you would probably need two of them. I’m wondering how much power something like that would need to run, might require a fairly chunky watch battery.

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