Rockstar’s Collection is Formally Announced

We reported on this a couple of days ago when it was just a rumour. Now, it’s been confirmed: Rockstar is re-releasing four of its games in a collection subtitled “Edition 1” – hinting at possible future collections.

[drop2]The collection includes Red Dead Redemption, GTA: Episodes from Liberty City, Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition and L.A. Noire. We spoke about this on the podcast recording last night and we agreed that it was an odd mix of games to bundle together.


Red Dead and the GTA Episodes are similar styles of game in very different settings so they make some degree of sense. Players who enjoy Red Dead Redemption are likely to also enjoy Episodes from Liberty City. But Midnight Club?

That’s a street racer, completely different from all the other games in the box. And L.A. Noire has some of the same appearances and mechanics as RDR and Episodes but it’s not really a similar game. As Kris pointed out last night: the only way this collection could be weirder is if they put their Table Tennis game on it.

Are there really people out there that are fans of Rockstar releases enough that they want a product with such varied games collected in it? I suppose there must be.

So, let’s get to ideal collections. What four Rockstar games would you most like to see bundled? Mine would be GTAIV, Episodes from Liberty City, Red Dead Redemption and Bully.

Source: Business Week



  1. L.A Noir, The Ballad of Gay Tony & Midnight club cause those are the ones I never played

    • So you’ll want this collection then! :)

  2. One (of many) great things about this is that it (hopefully) gives life to the online communities. Could be tempted to go back to RDR online!

    • I never tried it! is it good?

      • Hi mate! Yeah its really very good, and quite different to a lot of games, especially the awesome co-op missions! I’ve got a few things I’m working on at the moment but perhaps I’ll setup a monthly meet if you fancy it? I know there has been some interest in the past from others too!

      • I might be keen on a monthly meet. I always struggled to care about RDR though. Never got into the hype of the game which is very unlike me.

      • I actually didn’t buy it until the GOTY Edition, then assumed the MP would be quiet, but it’s actually not bad and rather enjoyable. I’ll set one up now, if there are only a few we can always do co-op!

      • I’d love to give it a try, especially with a bunch of friendly T6A-ers :D

      • Meet is setup mate….you know where to sign up! ;)

      • Signed up!

        Now I just need to remind myself how it all works. It’s been ages since I played.

        Do you know if I’ll need any particular add-ons/downloads for the multiplayer session? I just have the original edition of the game.

      • Good man! Nope, you should be fine with DLC, we can just play standard game modes.

        I may jump on just after 7pm to get used to the controls etc before we start ;)

      • Thanks Youles :)

  3. It is a great collection for the audience that it’s aimed at, a variety showcase for newcomers of Superslim persuasion. It’ll not be of much use to current long term PS3 owners.
    It’s certainly diverse in choice, but a great way for Rockstar to showcase their wares to new blood.

  4. I guess they’re trying to get those who played GTA IV and liked it (which rules me out) to buy a bundle of their other multiplatform titles from this generation. Table Tennis was only 360 and Wii wasn’t it, so they couldn’t bundle it for PC and PS3?

  5. Amazing collection, but I’ve already got all of them.

  6. I just want a GTA HD remasters collection. GTA 3, Vice City & San Andreas.

    Failing that, just give me Vice City HD & my life would be complete. I’d probably still pay about £40 for it (i’d rather it was less of course, but it would have to be bought if it came out)!

    • The Daddy of trilogies ;)

      • Absolutely! I can’t help but feel that if they put the effort into doing it, that particular collection would sell like hot cakes. Sweet, sweet hot cakes.

    • I’d post them my credit card and a photo of my big, grinning face if they brought out an HD remastered collection of the GTAIII trilogy.

      • i’d probably just go with buying it, but whatever works for you. ^_^

        seriously though, i’d love to get a remastered version of San Andreas, hopefully one that includes custom soundtrack support.
        done properly though, so you can have it replace the radio music.
        because i GTA SA was a great game, but it didn’t have the best soundtrack in the series, not for my musical tastes anyway.

  7. Will it contain all the DLC bundled in with it? Like the extra cases for LA Noire and Undead Nightmare for RDR.

    • The box suggests only Midnight Club is the complete edition so I don’t think so, plus I suspect they hope this release will encourage further DLC sales!

  8. Would love table tennis on ps3. Was my favourite xbox360 game I had before switching to ps3.

  9. Good bundle tbh. You would think RDR would contain undead nightmare though. Yet to play the add on’s for GTA IV or Midnight Club.

  10. isn’t it more like five games if both Episodes titles are there?

    still, it’s odd they’d include those two rather than GTA IV.

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