343i Shrugs Off Halo 4 Leak

Halo’s franchise director, Frank O’Connor has quite literally shrugged off the recent Halo 4 leak, which has seen playthroughs of the entire game posted on the net.

“There are people putting the whole thing on YouTube, Microsoft is addressing that a single case at a time, it just takes a little while to handle,” he said. “This is how surprised I am about this,” O’Connor said as he shrugged slightly, adding that piracy of high-profile games is sort of inevitable.


This isn’t the first time Microsoft has had one of their marquee exclusives stolen, with Gears of War 3 also hitting the net well before it hit shop shelves.

The real story here though is with O’Connor’s reaction, is this kind of attitude acceptable?  Sure, keeping tabs on hundreds of people at a production facility (the presumed source of the leak) is no easy task but virtually all other publishers seem to cope just fine.

What do you think, is this something we should start to accept as standard practice for big game releases, or are Microsoft just making excuses for poor security and management?

Halo 4 is scheduled for release November 6th.

Source: Polygon



  1. i suppose that attitude is only for the public.

    they will be already setting up a torture room for questioning the employees :-D

  2. Maybe Microsoft needs to have a quiet word with all their employees, can’t be anyone else can it? I often wonder if these things are leaked deliberately onto the various places on the web to help build the hype?

    • But surely it only reduces the hype as plot details and such get spoilt? I’m trying to stay far away from these leaks so they don’t ruin the game for me.

  3. Theres rumours that Forza Horizon has leaked early as well.

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