Xbox Music Streaming Service Starts Its Roll Out Tomorrow

Microsoft has sent through a press release to tell us about their new Xbox Music service. The streaming service will be a paid subscription service, allowing a limited number of hours streaming for free on Xbox 360 from tomorrow and on Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets and PCs later this month. It’s also rolling out on the Windows Phone 8 at launch.

There’s over 30 million songs from around the world and you’ll be able to buy an Xbox Music Pass for the fee of £8.99 per month, giving you unlimited access, including offline access and “tens of thousands” of music videos on your Xbox 360 or Windows 8 device.


It looks like they’re linking it to an MP3 store too, so if the ubiquity of the collection isn’t enough for you as a streaming service, you can buy plenty of it and load it to your MP3 player. They’re also talking about enabling cloud uploads so that you can put your own music – even that “acquired through other services” – onto your Xbox Music account and have access in all the places that you can get the service.

There’s obviously some talk of adding social features in the future, what connected service is complete without that these days?

Source: Press Release



  1. Too little, too late.

  2. I’ve actually subscribed to this instead of Spotify already, based on two reasons:

    1) The price is £1 per month cheaper
    2) The Spotify iPhone App has had a bug for the last 3 or 4 months that prevents the correct track name showing up on any album (by one artist) after the first 2 songs.

    I love Spotify but I’m happy to give Xbox Music a whirl if it’s going to save me money. So far, it works great on my Xbox. Once it’s rolled out to desktops (tomorrow?) it’ll be even better. If they ever release an iPhone App I’ll move over permanently. Until then I’m undecided.

  3. Spotify all the way for me! This just sounds like Zune 2.0.

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