Next Skyrim DLC Likely To Feature Morrowind, Mounted Dragons

[drop2]Xbox 360 owners might be in for one hell of  a treat soon, because files pulled apart from the latest update suggest the next Skyrim download pack might well feature mounted dragons and a return to Morrowind.

We say 360 owners, because it’s highly unlikely this lot will ever come to the PlayStation 3, such as been the less-than-impressive output from Bethesda with regards to PS3 DLC.


References to the dragon mounting are fairly acute ( DragonMountedDualMagic.txt, etc.) and otherwise, it’s trivial enough to spot the likes of DLC2ArmorStalhrim and DLC2ArmorBonemold in amongst the text, along with quest markers for Solstheim, Telvanni, Castle Karstaag, Raven Rock and Miraak Temple, all part of the older Elder Scrolls game.

Skyrim players with a penchant for venturing off the beaten path will already have noticed (somewhat rudimentary) models of Lake Solstheim and Vvardenfell on the outskirts of the game’s world. Hopefully these will come to fruition and be fully explorable soon.

It’s likely this new DLC will be entitled Dragonborn.

Via OXM.



  1. Xbox 360/PC owners might be in for one hell of a treat soon


  2. Sounds great for xbox owners, terrible news for ps3 owners.

  3. Imagine riding a backward dragon that would be so cool ha!

    Who still plays skyrim on ps3, once I platinum it with no issues what’s so ever, I traded it in before the patch that made everything worser

    • “Who still plays skyrim on ps3”

      Loads of people.

      • But what is there to play if they not going receive DLC anytime soon, once you complete it, did every side mission, found everything. I see no value of replay ability without the DLC even if you create a new character still boring

      • Presumably people that haven’t finished it yet. =)

      • I platinumed the game and still sunk a lot of hours into it afterwards. It’s still a great game, just annoyed that we will get none of the DLC.

      • Isn’t the whole point of Skyrim’s engine that missions are constantly generated, that the game can’t be finished the way you’re saying?

      • @colshan The generated missions are generic and are either fetch quests, go to… and kill the bandit cheif etc.. It does get repitive after awhile but does give you something to do if you need gold.

    • I still have an unopened Skyrim on my desk :| Don’t want to start before Bethesda / Sony figures something out and make a proper patch.

      • Lol good luck with that, it’s going be a long wait they can’t even get the DLC right never mind the game

      • Yeah it’s pretty bad, at least I have other games to keep me busy, but I was hoping to play it in my xmas vacation, not looking good.

    • I do and it’s actually very reliable. I only experience the odd crash now and then. And yet to encounter a serious amount of lag. Have encounter a bit of lag but that lasted for a few seconds. Plus Skyrim does have a lot of replayability without DLC. I have stuck to one guild per character to avoid doing everything thus rendering a bit boring.

      • Wow you must love skyrim to do every class, I just did one character build him up to full max, did everything, every quest, side mission. Just couldn’t get back into it after than platinum but the most & best quest was that Sam quest the drinking one ha classic hangover

      • Considering there are no classes in Skyrim, i’ve all 3 playstyles. Damm bethesda had to remove the class system. >:(

        No wonder you got bored as doing everything within one playthrough will cause any game to become boring. However, i reckon if you still had it, you may end up enjoying it 5-13 months later. :)

      • Did the same as you Steve and it’s noticeable that whatever difficulty or character build you choose the games difficulty breaks at around level 30.
        My favorite experience turned out to be the khajiit/heavy gloved dragon puncher,just maxed enchanting for the free destruction aura spells.

  4. I gave up waiting for the DLC (after completing every conceivable element of the game) yesterday and sold my copy.

    Slightly sad about that.

    • Same here. If they do ever get the DLC sorted out I’ll just hire it.

  5. I really hope there won’t be dragon mounts as that would break the game. No enemy would be able to harm you and knowing Bethesda, it will be a bit buggy. If it’s only 1 or 2 scripted events, then fair enough. Apparently, Spears will be included. Also, it doesn’t return to Morrowind. It is set in Solsthiem which is located off the coast of Skyrim. But seeing as the Nords gave it to the Dunmer(Dark Elves) it is techinally a mini morrowind.

    And apparently, we will see some DLC for the PS3 as the patch had mentioned PS3 DLC. But it could be Bethesda adding the option to the main menu. Although that island has been featured before in a DLC. I suspect the Dragonborn will be researching himself in the DLC. I do hope there will be a ton of new spells and unique items as i love exploring and finding a unique item that is not a bloody quest item thus it being stuck in my inventory or starting a quest for a guild that i have no intention of doing!

    I wonder if there will be more shouts? There had better be new enemies as i’m getting bored of killing dragons, draugr,rabbits,spriggans,bandits,wolves etc..#

    Oh and i suspect the mounted casting will be very hard to use. Archery is hard to use whilst on a horse. Casting spells will be even harder.

  6. Sounds good. I have yet to purchase any DLC for Skyrim so this might be the first I get when it comes out for PC.

    How about releasing the DLC on PS3 as a standalone title like the GTA4 DLC. Would that be a fix to the issues they are having? Or have I not understood the problem they are having with it correctly?

    • I think it’s something to do with them having trouble implenting the DLC into Skyrim. :-/ Surprised Sony have not tried to send a few lads from ND over to help them as they pretty much know the PS3 inside and out.

      • I heard it was the same reason PS3 skyrim used to be unplayable when you had a 100+ hour save is whats causing it. The game cant handle all the information it has saved because it has to save it to the hardrvie and adding Dawnguard to that would cause it to have a meltdown.

  7. Mounted draragons, sounds awsome, but adds to the ps3 wound, in a cruel way.
    Enjoy, any of you who get to experience it.

  8. Doubly glad I bought this on Steam a week or two ago.

    Haven’t bought the other DLCs yet as I want to play with it on my laptop first- already logged well over a couple of hundred hours on PS3 with a fully levelled character without doing everything- the game is simply brilliant.

    I didn’t get any crashes on PS3, by the way. Well, one or two, but no more than I get with any game I play that often.

  9. here’s an idea… create a PS3 save file converter so I can play my 120+ hour game on a PC. if that was available, i’d buy the PC version then.

  10. Some stores in Scandinavia are refunding full price for Skyrim PS3 games… that can’t be a good sign :|

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