Criterion: “We Will Make Another Burnout Game”

It’s the news everyone has been waiting for, “We will make another Burnout game at some point,” confirms Criterion’s Craig Sullivan. This could mean Burnout Paradise 2 (yay!) or Burnout Crash 2 (whatevs). The team are concentrating on Need For Speed: Most Wanted at the moment but Craig revealed to the Guardian that the future is undecided.

“When we did Burnout Paradise we did some motorbike DLC and now everyone thinks that we’re going to do Road Rash at some point,” says Sullivan. “I had a lot of fun playing that game, we think bikes are fun. We might make a Road Rash game…”

“But then we might make a game without vehicles in it. I mean, we made Black, I was the lead designer – we might make a game about blowing the crap out of each other!”

No. Make Road Rash.


Source: The Guardian


  1. Guerrilla: We Will Make Another Killzone Game.

    • .. and something else.

      • Cake? Or Fish and Chips? Although if BBQ sauce is sold as DLC, i won’t be happy.

  2. Yay, Burnout! This year’s NFS is pretty close to Paradise anyway, but i’m happy buying both.

  3. Burnout 4 anyone?

    They technically never made a numbered sequel to Takedown…

    • Hmm, you’re right. I’ve always considered Revenge to be number 4 though. I really want to play those games now.

    • I cast my vote for Burnout 4 if that means a return to the classic formula.

      And, I would take an HD collection of Burnout 1 – Takedown over Paradise 2 any day.
      In fact, I’d buy 2 copies if it could help turn them away from the awful open world premise of Paradise.

  4. This is possibly the best news i have read all year.

    New shooty game – Not really bothered tbh
    Road Rash – I’ll see how it turns out, but if done well, i’ll definitely be all over it.
    New Burnout Game – Where can i pay for this now?

    Any ideas which i am most excited about? ;)

    • New FPS – Meh
      New Burnout – Take my money, now!
      New Road Rash – Take all of my money, now!

      • Try not to blow your load. ;)

  5. Read: When EA decides that NFS is no longer worth doing and will allow us to do Burnout. ;)

    I enjoyed the demo of Burnout 3 back in the day so i would love to be for there to be a sequel to that. May end up getting banned from meets due to me crashing into everyone on purpose. >:)

    • I doubt you would get banned from meets for that – That’s kinda the point of Burnout. You even get more boost for takedowns.

      • Not if i keep doing it as soon as the race starts. >:) Or try and do that then crash into a wall due to me missing everyone.

      • That’s all part of the fun of Burno. :)

  6. “We might make a Road Rash game…”

    Well, that’s cc_star with a semi-on for the rest of the day.

    • Well, he has Xcom as well, so i would expect full tent pole with this news. :)

  7. NFS:Most Wanted looks like the next Burnout in all but name, what with all those wanted posters to jump through, etc

  8. Yes please. Platinum’d Paradise a few weeks ago after replaying it for a while. Forgot how good it is!

    • Me too – Not the platinum part, but i was impressed at a) how well it’s aged (it still looks as good as some things released today) & b) how much fun it still is with a few friends.

  9. I’ve pre-ordered the new NFS just because it looks so much like Burnout Paradise. And that is always a good thing in my book :)

  10. They’re making one already, it’s called Most Wanted :P

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