Sony Releases New LBP Karting Trailer

Sony have just released this brand new “story” trailer for LittleBigPlanet Karting. Don’t worry, there’re no spoilers – you should really have guessed the story by now!

The video shows off the sort of action you can expect from the game, along with Sackboy’s trademark humour and those exaggerated facial expressions.

We’ve been playing the finished game for about a week now and it’s rather good fun – look out for our impressions at around about 4pm this afternoon.


  1. They’ve been keeping Stephen Fry busy lately.

    Glad he’s still the narrator though <3

    Looks great! Got this preordered. We both love LBP so this will be great to play when she's over :)

  2. ‘No spoilers’! :D That’s an amazing joke! I never log in and comment but I HAD to just to congratulate you on that one! :D

    • You should log in & comment more often :) we not that bad

  3. The only problem I found with the beta was when designing tracks… it’s so engrossing that hours seem to fly by very quickly :-} great game.

  4. If MR Fry didn’t narrate these games, I probably wouldn’t be interested for some odd reason.

    • I think Stephen is a lot of the charm of the game. It wouldn’t feel right with someone else narrating, so i’m glad he’s still doing it.

  5. Lovely trailer with signature music (read: quirky and brilliant) that makes me smile every time.

  6. If you have Modnation, is LBP karting worth getting?

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