Community Chronicle: 21/10/12

There’s quite a few features on TSA which require reader input to survive, and the Chronicle is absolutely one of them.

Unfortunately, this week is one of those weeks with a bit of a lull and I haven’t had any photos of someone’s gaming set ups sent in. I know quite a few people have been saying in the comments from time to time that they would send some photos in, but it’s forgotten during the week.

So please, whether you would like to show off your shiny gaming rig, or grudgingly reveal a hugely messy pile of gaming junk, head to the bottom of this page, where you can submit photos and/or tales of your gaming exploits.

I’d happily take a screenshot of your first squad in XCOM, too.

Been quite a busy week on the accomplishments side of things, with wonderful titles like The Unfinished Swan, Dishonored and XCOM released in the last fortnight. If you’ve not played The Unfinished Swan, and enjoyed Flower or Journey, then you’re really missing out on something special!

R1MJAW’s been playing it, I know that much, but in the last week he’s also got 100% of the trophies on Joe Danger 2 (a game I’m remiss in not having bought yet), and has the fastest Platinum for WRC3! According to Crazy_Del, that puts them both completely level in terms of fastest records…

Del’s been a little busy himself, with the King of Fighters XII Platinum. That’s three years after his first trophy from that game, and it’s not going that much less for when he closes in on the 007 Blood Stone trophy some time soon, after two years. He’s really breaking out all of the older games. He’s also broken out Ghostbusters, which he’ll be playing online with B-Cambo to try and get those pesky online trophies.

Speaking of B-Cambo, just last week he was a newbie with his first platinum with Uncharted 3, and he’s already back with the Amazing Spider-Man Platinum for number two!

Aerobes has been motoring along for the NASCAR Unleashed Platinum, and he’s getting pretty darn close to the Tekken Tag Tournament HD award, with just one rather tricky trophy to go. Similarly, Cam_manutd is just as close to a landmark 2000th trophy. Just take a look at that wonderful trophy card:

Alright, enough partying like it’s 1999 now, I mean Youles is a 24h Create Mode person on LBP Vita, which is worth its very own celebration. Sadly, his momentum towards the LBPV Platinum wasn’t quite quick enough, and that particular award has been claimed by GamingBlueBoy. I’ve always thought the LBP games were a bit too obtuse to be a particularly manageable Platinum, so good going, you guys.

Finally, we have Peter updating us on his election campaign, where he was re-elected with 98% approval, and next to no voter turn out, because he’s so damn good at running countries…

Give that man a country, and he’ll have it running like the best oiled machine there ever was.

That’s all we have for today, I’m sorry to say. I leave you as always with the submission form, but also ask that if you have any ideas for little segments you think would fit well in this post, to leave comments below. I saw a few nice ideas last week, and they’ve gone on the pile, but I want more!


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  1. Think i’ll submit a photo of my rig, its about time i got a little more involved in tsa. This a great site and i wonder how many people like myself read but dont comment or get involved much when we probably should.

    as a side note, how popular is tsa now in terms of members and member traffic?, for me the site easily rivals the big boys like ign, cvg, eurogamer etc, and in a lot of cases the design, variety and certainly community aspects are a lot better than those sites. surely you guys that run the site must be able to make actual money from it by now?, although you obviously aint in it for the dollars

    • I you navigate to the forum pages, down at the bottom of the page are the stats. Around 5000 members at the moment, not a clue about traffic, but there’s a indicator of people currently lurking.

    • *If you navigate* {:O

    • That’s awesome, thanks! :)

      It’s not really my place to say about traffic, but it’s a LOT more people than the 5000 that have accounts. That used to be more, but Al removed a whole bunch of sleeper accounts a while back, to help streamline the database.

  2. Thats seems like a good number (not that i know much about these things), the number must be lot bigger when you include non members

  3. What’s a gaming rig?

    • A big truck… that virtualizes a game.

    • Just the best term I could come up with the quickly describe your array of games consoles, TVs, shelves of games etc. etc.

  4. Congratulations @R1MJAW on 100% Joe Danger 2 so quickly. I’m at 61% in terms of trophies so far, hopefully I should join you on the full 100% fairly soon…

    • Cheers, I actually found it quite a bit easier than JD1, but just as much fun. Be prepared to get very frustrated at the ‘Insert Disk 2’ level (the last level in the Downloadable Tour section), it took me roughly 100 attempts.

      • Oh yes, I remember Insert Disk 2 very well from the original…

      • I don’t think it’s quite as hard as the one in JD1, but I can’t remember as it was a long time ago when I did that, however it is still a pain in the rear end.

  5. Going to send in what my new gaming rig looks like after moving to uni, its a serious turn for the worse after the last image I sent in!

  6. I should mention that I eventually got the survival trophy on Tekken Tag Tournament HD using Paul and Yoshimitsu. Very difficult!

    I got those two platinums on my wife’s account. I couldn’t care less about trophies but she really enjoys collecting them so it’s the logical thing for me to do. Tekken was the 75th!

  7. Whooo Party like its ’99 ( I really missed the 1999 Party ) =(
    Yeah R1MJAW and I are head to head on the fastest platinum. Seeing as R1M could Plat newer titles….. I thought I can Plat older titles that is not in the list (yet!) ^^
    But we’ll see as there are new titles in the future.
    As for Ghostbusters sadly B_Cambo will not participate due to insufficient funds also he wants to get Black Ops 2 and Assassin’s Creed III which is understandable.

    Also I did not post this but tomorrow night at 9pm I am hosting GoldenEye 50th Anniversary of 007 James Bond. All welcome!

    • I have at least 1 older game in my collection (that I haven’t even touched yet) that isn’t on the fastest platinum list … and I’m not telling you want it is on the off chance you decide to beat me to it :P

      • Hmmmm…. wonder what could it be……

  8. Hey guys :-) yeah Spider-man Platnium number 2, and a very satisfiying platinum at that, 700 collectibles was to much and as you could expect that was the last trophie i had to obtain.
    Like Crazy_del said, sadly i wont be joining him in the online hunt for Ghostbusters platinum. Want to have time for Assassins creed III, Black ops 2 and, if i decide to get it, NFS. Also want to buy a Vita this month :-D
    Not to mention my current games like Dishonored and inFAMOUS that are proving to be time consuming platinums. Hopefully not to long though ;-).

    Speaking of Dishonored has anyone got the plainum yet?

  9. I’d send a picture of my rig in, but i think you all know what ps3 looks like;)

  10. Apologies, my pics slipped my mind with other things going on. I also didn’t want to be the rig 2 weeks running! You’d all think I’m mad if I showed you allllll the games!

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